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Using Native Cloud Architectures to Develop a New Banking IT system




Data is crucial in informing business decision-making processes, especially when managed and organised by a banking institution.

Our customer – a newly-formed banking group specialising in providing loans to high-potential companies and impaired loans – is a modern entity with a sustainable governance model. The institution takes pride in the importance it places on ESG topics and environmental protection, and its endeavours are marked by innovation, both in terms of the speed and robustness of its technological equipment and its business model.

Our customer is progressively digitising its processes to optimise all business activities. 

Building on its consolidated experience, the SCAI Group was commissioned to assist with the banking group’s digital transformation by handling the implementation and evolution of a new banking IT system.

By agreeing to collaborate on the project, SCAI Itec took on the challenge of implementing an Enterprise Information System that fully complied with the directives issued by supervisory authorities using a Cloud Native architecture to make the most of the features offered by cloud computing.

The company also highlighted the importance of ensuring that the chosen solution sufficiently integrated its in-house partitions (NPLs, tax credits, factoring) with the core banking services provided by an external service provider.

The Group decided to extend the initiative to its new Data Warehouse and Disaster & Recovery system, which was implemented using full-stack AWS technology according to a strictly IaC approach.

Agile and DevOps effectively inspired the entire design and implementation process, from architectural assessment to deployment, according to the logic of Continuous Delivery & Integration. Thanks to the significant but measured use of technology and the assistance provided by the SCAI Group, the customer has been able to expand its client base and offer increasingly innovative services.

Deciding to move to the cloud required the company to fully embrace the process and prove it was ready to embrace a cultural change that impacted its technologies, infrastructure, and processes, and redefined roles, professional skills, and best practices.

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