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Acqua di Parma: Conjuring Emotions With the Fragrance Finder


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An Interactive Shopping Experience

Designed by ETT S.p.A for Acqua di Parma in Milan, the interactive Fragrance Finder allows people to explore an exclusive Milan boutique and find their perfect fragrance. The station consists of a screen, three ampoules equipped with capacitive sensors, and 30 olfactory bells containing fragrances.

100% Success Rate

Customers answer a series of questions designed to build their fragrance profile by sampling different ampoules. At the end of their digital journey, an animation shows their created fragrance in the laboratory and the olfactory bell for the fragrance that best suits the customer’s preferences lights up. All the customer has to do is pick it up to smell their recommended fragrance as part of an original and totally personalised shopping experience.

The tool has been carefully designed and is taking the world of multimedia displays in a totally new direction, evolving them from simple spaces to unique places for interaction, designed to make the shopping experience as entertaining as possible and to turn customers and visitors into the main characters of a shared event.

The Fragrance Finder won an award in the “Customer Experience Initiative – Luxury” category at the Retail Awards 2019, which were hosted by Forum Retail, the largest tech hub for the Italian Retail community.

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