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“A World of Potential” at the Procuratie Vecchie in Venice



Participation, inclusion and the development of human potential are the objectives of A World of Potential, the interactive exhibition at the Procuratie Vecchie (Old Procuracies) in Venice, set up by ETT.

Generali commissioned the Procuratie recovery project to David Chipperfield Architects Milan to include The Human Safety Net, the group’s humanitarian foundation.

At the exhibition, the result of inter-functional work comprising various perspectives and valuable skills, visitors meet, most of all, themselves. A visitor is recruited as a “hub” of The Human Safety Net (THSN), the Generali network with a mission to unlock the potential of people living in a vulnerable situation, so that they may improve the living conditions of their families and the community. This is precisely the level on which THSN works in Venice on themes of social inclusion and human potential. These concepts underlie the entire exhibition.

Dedicated multimedia systems construct spaces as interaction and sharing places. Accessibility is the password guiding the visitor who takes part in the main challenge of the exhibition; gaining self-awareness in terms of perseverance, creativity, hope, leadership, gratitude, and team spirit. Visit itineraries at the Procuratie are designed to suit each visitor’s preferred pace. There are spaces for rest and somewhere to eat, chat or just relax.

A multipurpose ticket is provided at the entrance. It is a real Travel Card, equipped with NFC (contactless) sensors that communicate with all sections of A World of Potential. One after the other, sixteen interactive machine à montrer let visitors test themselves by touching, moving and experimenting. Invisible technology accompanies and involves people, giving substance to the intangible issues of social inclusion and human potential.

This engaging and interactive experience helps people to understand and connect their potential by learning to recognise the value of other human beings around us.

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