SCAI TECNO partners with Couchbase to provide professional services

SCAI Tecno is now a subcontractor for the supply of professional services on the modern Couchbase NoSQL database. These are especially suitable for web, mobile, and IoT cloud-native applications that require high performance in data storage, replication, synchronisation, scalability, and uninterrupted usage. The result is enhanced resilience, performance, and stability while reducing risks, data loss, and TCO.

SCAI Tecno, a SCAI Group company, has become a Couchbase subcontractor, supplying professional services for the modern multi-model, scalable and high-performance distributed NoSQL database. It is suitable for web and mobile Application Modernisation and Digital Transformation projects, including “offline-first” edge computing, ensuring non-stop operations with data constantly available even when not online.

Software solutions that employ a NoSQL Enterprise database, such as Couchbase, effectively meet the computational needs of the Real-Time Data Economy. Performance, scalability, availability, agility, and cost-effectiveness requirements are satisfied, enabling the transition from monolithic architectures to microservice-based ones, building and running modern web and mobile applications.

“Thanks to our partnership with Couchbase,” says Massimo Naspardi, General Manager of SCAI Tecno, “we shall continue to support medium and large enterprises in their digital modernisation journey so that they may compete globally.

Combining our expertise in innovative platform design with the capabilities offered by a NoSQL database of Couchbase’s calibre, we shall assist our clients during digital transformation, migrating legacy infrastructures to modern cloud-based technologies.”

“We are excited to hear the General Manager of SCAI Tecno, Massimo Naspardi, express his confidence in the partnership with Couchbase to support medium and large enterprises in digital modernisation,” comments Fabio Gerosa, Couchbase Sales Director Italy. “Digital modernisation is essential to remain competitive in the ever-evolving global scene, and Couchbase is pleased to be part of this process. The combination of SCAI’s expertise in innovative platform design with the power of Couchbase as a NoSQL database offers a unique opportunity for SCAI Tecno’s clients. We are delighted to collaborate with SCAI Tecno to provide the support and resources needed to guide their clients towards successful digital transformation.”

SCAI Tecno is a Couchbase Partner