SCAI Storming 2023 – AI: innovation, challenges and new responsibilities

Held last Thursday, 7 July, SCAI Storming 2023 – AI: Innovation, Challenges and New Responsibilities was an opportunity to discuss business, strengthen the relationships between the people of SCAI and enrich each individual’s outlook by also listening to the experiences and points of view of other stakeholders. An organic approach that creates exponential value from the contamination of knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence has deep roots that go back to the algorithms and models experimented in the past to create machines capable of imitating human intelligence. Since then, much has changed, from the enhanced computing and transmission capacity of networks, to the large availability of databases, to deep learning as the latest enabling factor. Various personalities, over time, have contributed to the advancement and progress of AI: the ‘fathers’ of neural networks have led the research in the area of deep learning, while Google, Amazon, and Facebook have invested and are investing considerable resources in the development of related solutions. The openness of these discoveries in a social community setting has further contributed to the take-off of a technology that is already revolutionising our here and now.

SCAI Storming, a day dedicated to comparisons and insights in terms of vision, competences, ethics and social responsibility, developed around these themes, with representatives of the markets, research and culture animating the debate by exploring the various facets of AI and its implications in the economic and ethical world.

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