Enhancing Cyber Security Awareness: SCAI Partners with Cyber Guru

Awareness of cyber risks helps businesses limit and mitigate vulnerabilities and promote a cyber security culture at all company levels. 

In recent years, cyber attacks have increasingly targeted the weakest link in the defence chain: the human factor. Today, both public and private organisations are placing greater emphasis on training their employees and collaborators in the proper use of digital technologies, aiming to establish a robust and effective cyber security system. 

This is precisely the mission of Cyber Guru, an Italian company that has expanded its operations internationally. Specialising in IT security training courses, its mission is to address the human factor and transform it from a vulnerability into the first line of defence against cyber crime. 

SCAI Partners, initially an authorised reseller of Cyber Guru, has decided to forge a partnership to actively support the company’s endeavours. The partnership involves a collaborative commitment and a shared interest in promoting and improving effective cyber security awareness. 

The primary goal of both organisations is to raise practical cyber risk awareness, benefiting both individual employees and the entire company. The focus is on delivering a concrete and engaging learning experience that reaches beyond traditional training methods. When individuals are equipped with the best theoretical knowledge and practical skills, their ability to prevent cyber threats is significantly enhanced. Furthermore, this approach helps to maximise the benefits of security technology solutions. Effective cyber security awareness not only plays a crucial role in minimising the occurrence of cyber incidents, but also fosters an understanding of the value of adopting best practices within companies, leading to better protection of  business.