Accelerating the Cloud Transition and Enhancing Customer Experience: SCAI ITEC’s partnership with Oracle

The SCAI Group’s partnership with Oracle enhances cloud-first technology and the skills required to thrive in the current market, delivering high-quality, innovative results to customers.

SCAI ITEC, a subsidiary of the SCAI Group, is reinforcing and expanding its partnership with Oracle, leveraging its extensive experience in on-premise solutions. As a result, SCAI ITEC has achieved certification as an Oracle Cloud partner in Italy.

This new partnership acknowledges the expertise required to help customers navigate change processes, enabling them to remain resilient and drive innovation in a rapidly changing world. These advancements are taking place within a secure and dependable Oracle Cloud environment, designed to cater to organisations with strict security requirements, while also guaranteeing optimal performance, availability, and cost optimisation.

“The Oracle Cloud certification further strengthens our longstanding partnership, which spans over two decades”, states Armando Ighiani, Managing Director of SCAI ITEC. “This puts the SCAI Group in an ideal position to support our customers in their journey towards innovation, leveraging our comprehensive understanding of data governance systems and our recognised skills in the thriving realm of Cloud technology”.