LinkedIn: a platform for growth and sharing for SCAI Group

On Thursday 11 May, the Communication team and several colleagues from SCAI Group companies were guests of LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional social network, at its Milan headquarters.

After the December meeting focused on HR issues, this new occasion focused on communication involving, in addition to the contact persons of each company, the most active and most followed colleagues on LinkedIn.

The purpose of the morning was to engage in a discussion, observing each other from an external point of view, and then reflect on growing together, starting with the importance of each individual to really make a group.

Francesco Pavesio, Account Director, shared with us the data that emerged from an in-depth analysis of SCAI Group’s LinkedIn profile, allowing us to reflect on social communication as a tool to enhance people and our corporate culture.

During the event, we were able to review the achievements, assess the future goals and challenges, and analyse strategies and define best practices for the development of our own personal and professional skills.

Thus, the fruitful collaboration between SCAI Group and LinkedIn continues, under the banner of sharing, people-centricity, and professional growth.