The power of AI and Symantec’s DLP control: a webinar by Arrow and SCAI Group

A webinar in cooperation with SCAI Puntoit on how to manage ChatGPT conversations securely and in compliance with data protection regulations.

On Friday 9 June, a comprehensive webinar by Arrow, with the participation of SCAI Puntoit, will be held for those working in the fields of Finance, Healthcare and Third Sector, to learn more about the potential of Broadcom Symantec’s products to monitor users while using AI platforms. The focus of the meeting will be on Symantec’s proposals for identifying personal data within graphical and textual content, uploaded, for example, to platforms such as ChatGPT, and their management and monitoring under the banner of Data Loss Prevention.

As the exclusive distributor of the Symantec portfolio, Arrow works closely with SCAI Group in the implementation phase of the DLP system.

During the webinar, participants will explore best practices for the secure use of AI platforms, starting from the importance of secure connections and ranging to the configuration of a DLP system to monitor and protect sensitive information in order to avoid unintentional data leaks. The benefits and challenges of using AI platforms in the business environment will be discussed, and participants will learn how to handle ChatGPT conversations in a secure and data protection compliant manner.

The event agenda includes:

• Analysis and overview of the new technologies: opportunity or problem?

• Ensuring security without losing innovation.

• Live Demo – Experience the functionality of the Symantec DLP system live.

•Question and answer session.

The speakers who will participate in the webinar will be:

•Maurizio Modica, Sales Engineer at Arrow.

•Alessandro Grillo, System Engineer at SCAI Puntoit.

To participate in the webinar, you can register via the following link: