Our proposal is NICE (New Integrated Customer Experience)

Correlations between customer experience and internal business levers become a pattern

The new NICE (New Integrated Customer Experience) approach is the result of a partnership between SCAI Partners – the SCAI Group and Euteco Loyalty Partner.
The main objective of NICE is to eliminate the Delivery Gap (DG), i.e. to identify and analyse whether there is a difference between the company’s perception of its ability to relate to the market and the experience of its customers; once the gap is recognised, the internal dynamics of the company are examined to understand the causes that have led to the gap. The model makes it possible to organically integrate the knowledge and implementation phases.
Thanks to the collection and analysis of Experience Data (X-Data) at the different contact points of the company-customer relationship, NICE provides the company with information that highlights not only whether a GAP exists, but also where it is, what the priorities and critical issues of the customers are, and their point of view in the different moments of the relationship.

This leads to the identification of the main internal levers to be activated in order to decrease the DG, improvement actions and interventions in the organisational structure, all in a short time. We propose an initial analysis tool to assess the existence and consistency of the DG. This is accompanied by a project offer to deepen and analyse the relevant issues at CX and process level and a service model to manage the CX continuously over time and keep the DG at zero or at the desired minimum.

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In appropriate contexts, the connection between customer experience and internal levers can exploit innovative technologies, from Process Mining to Data Mining to the use of Artificial Intelligence tools.
The NICE approach is also applied to identifying the Gap in relationships and needs between the perception of the Company and the perception of Employees; this model can also be used to analyse the perceived and actual experience of a number of stakeholders (Citizens, Patients, etc.).

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