Artificial and augmented intelligence: Massimiliano Cipolletta’s contribution on the role of AI

Artificial and augmented intelligenceElements of Economics and Management is the title of the essay, published by Egea (the publishing house of the Bocconi University) at the end of 2022, edited by Professor Marco Pironti and including a contribution by Massimiliano Cipolletta.

The book is the result of the joint work of the academic and business worlds, managers and representatives of think tanks and institutions on the epochal challenges ofartificial intelligence as one of the key drivers in the digital transformation, from a social, environmental, economic and governance perspective. 
From business management to ecosystem management: this is the key theme of the section of the book in which the SCAI Group CEO’s views are embedded, with regard to the role of artificial intelligence in building a system that is sensitive to the citizen’s needs to develop increasingly smart and sustainable infrastructures and communities, and create an elastic ecosystem.
Cipolletta’s thought starts based on research, reports, global definitions and use cases on AI, reviews the strategic objectives that offer national guidelines for putting technological know-how on artificial intelligence into practice and the main fields of application, and concludes by providing some stories and projects of SCAI Group featuring its application in the fields of health, culture, tourism and PA.

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