Digital transformation for Smart Health


Health care systems under increasing pressure, the rising average age of the population and the elderly with disabilities, the boom in medical tourism, the pandemic which is still ongoing.

There is a pressing need to adopt even more innovative solutions to streamline the work of healthcare professionals and ensure care and assistance for patients.

This is where the important contribution of Smart Healthcare comes in, which makes maintaining health, well-being and prevention its cornerstones.

At the start of an innovative healthcare project with high development potential, stakeholders are essentially guided by two drivers: the soundness of the technologies to be implemented and concrete clinical results for patients.

One of the companies of the SCAI Group, ETT, a digital and creative industry, has an extensive background in Smart Health and a solid reputation for its healthcare tech tools.

The close collaboration of ETT’s R&D team with academic and clinical partners has resulted in digital solutions that exploit state-of-the-art technology, from wearable devices, to serious games, virtual reality and touch instruments.

These include HTS – Hand Test System, a valuable support for early diagnosis and the long-term monitoring and evaluation of the effectiveness of pharmacological and/or rehabilitation treatment of various pathologies.

The system is centred around sensorised gloves that detect fine hand movements in a totally non-invasive manner and, when linked to software, allow the doctor to monitor performance and display the results.

ONEderful, on the other hand, is the first project in Italy, sponsored by Novartis, to make available to patients with Multiple Sclerosis and their physicians a digital device, based on a sensorised bracelet, that allows them to assess in a simple, effective and non-invasive way the state of health and psycho-physical well-being of patients in their everyday lives.

Through a simplified interface, the operator accesses a summary dashboard of patient data. By integrating tools for the real-time acquisition and processing of distributed data (wearable sensors), the solution offers remote and long-term multidimensional patient assessment to prevent critical situations and ensure continuity of care.

Thanks to the increase in investment in digital health already recorded in 2021, the specific measures envisaged in the sixth mission of the NRRP and further growth forecasts, investment in health is certainly not set to decrease.

Virtual and augmented reality, AI and wearable devices are some of the technologies that are already driving the internal healthcare sector and that can be expected to continue as enabling levers of the digital health ecosystem.

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