SCAI Group is AWS Select Tier Partner  

The Select Tier level is the starting point for new growth opportunities in a partnership path that helps us bring quality innovation to our customers, reduce costs, improve infrastructure and processes in an efficient and secure move to the Cloud

May 2022 – SCAI Group is certified AWS Partner, Select Tier. 

A partnership that enhances our Competence Centre on the Cloud and increases our visibility to our target markets: Banking, Digital, PA, Industry, Services. 

More than an achievement, an initial starting point to create opportunities for growth, the fruit of a path started in 2020, during which, also thanks to the valuable collaboration of SCAI Itec and ETT, we have completed a series of accreditation, certification and specialised training activities.

The partnership with AWS helps us to strengthen our expertise by offering our customers, from small enterprises to large corporations, high quality Cloud solution management with solid security guarantees in keeping with the customer obsession that characterises the Amazon world – and the possibility of expanding, diversifying and customising the offer by combining our expertise with the numerous AWS services and features and choosing those that best suit the needs of the individual customer.

For Matteo Ventrella, CTO of ETT S.p.A., AWS services effectively support the integration of multimedia devices in the retail world and in museum and cultural event solutions, the creation of advanced chatbots – highly efficient digital avatars – the creation and management of NFTs and platforms to catalogue and digitise physical works, and activities to exploit the potential of 5G. For Andrea Ferraro, Cloud Engineer at SCAI Itec, AWS optimises the migration to the Cloud in total security – an aspect of crucial importance, especially when working with banks and insurance companies – it simplifies and speeds up processes, allowing us to provide customers with hybrid, traditional and innovative infrastructures.