ETT Group grows with Meta and Corepixx

Thanks to the new set-up, the group’s technological offerings have been extended to include educational publishing, knowledge management, artificial intelligence and digital signage for the retail sector

Genoa, 27 July 2021 ETT, an international creative digital industry specialising in technological innovation, is consolidating its presence in Italy through the acquisition of majority stakes in Meta (90% of the company specialising in technology for innovation in culture) and Corepixx (70% of the company operating in the field of Interactive Experiences).

The two companies had a combined turnover of more than €5m in 2020 with an average Ebitda of 10%.

The new shareholding and organisational structure allows ETT, which is active in several sectors, including Culture, Tourism, Communication and Marketing and Smart City (PA), to verticalise its expertise. In fact, thanks to Meta, the Group, based in the Ligurian capital, will be able to enter the world of digital solutions developed for the enhancement of content applied to cultural heritage and educational publishing according to industrial logic, while with Corepixx it will be able to address the retail sector, which increasingly relies on multimedia exhibition displays for marketing objectives.

In addition to its subsidiaries Space S.p.A, 490 Studio S.r.l. and Xedum S.r.l., the EETT Group, which became part of SCAI Group in 2019, continues its path of growth by external lines with the aim of establishing itself in rapidly developing markets through its innovative solutions.

The ETT Group today employs around 250 people at its head office in Genoa and at its various units in the country’s hubs (including Rome and Milan) and in Europe.

The multidisciplinary knowledge, which has always characterised the profiles that are ETT’s main asset, has been enriched by the skills of these two new acquisitions and enables us to offer increasingly integrated and complete solutions, which make use of versatile and fast teams, suited to competing in the current particular moment of the market at a global level,” commented Giovanni Verreschi, The solidity of the ETT Group, the growth trend in our turnover and the continuous propensity towards new development possibilities and new goals within the SCAI Group are factors that make us increasingly open to challenges in order to maintain the quality standards that have always distinguished us,” concluded Verreschi.

Massimiliano Cipolletta, CEO of the SCAI Group, stated: “With the acquisitions of Meta Srl and Corepixx Srl, the SCAI Group expands its logistics base and value proposition with expertise in the digital experience through the development paths and specificities of ETT. Multimedia communication solutions, digital publishing, e-learning and semantic intelligence technologies in markets related to cultural heritage, as well as educational publishing, are examples of how ICT consultancy is also evolving to serve global socio-cultural development.”

Meta S.r.l., operational since 1996, is an innovative SME in the field of Information Technology applied to multimedia communication, digital publishing, e-learning and Semantic Intelligence technologies. It has offices in Pisa, Florence, Naples and Rome, where it works on software for content management and enhancement, mainly applied to cultural heritage and educational publishing, and integrates its solutions with artificial intelligence tools to create effective and immediately usable applications. Meta is today a point of reference in the fields of Cultural Heritage (archives, museums, libraries, third sector), Publishing and Education (publishers, educational institutions, training bodies) and Cultural Institutions.

Corepixx S.r.l . is based in Modena, Italy, and has been working since 2010 on the development of tools and interactive solutions for multimedia exhibition design, both in the cultural and retail fields. The company also creates multimedia content tailored to the customer’s needs: from concept to installation and after-sales and maintenance support. Multitouch tables and interactive lecterns, indoor and outdoor totems, interactive showcases, video walls, artwalls, as well as software for managing any type of application, are some examples of interactive multimedia solutions.