Gruppo SCAI expands its market with the new Dubai office

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Gruppo SCAI (SCAI Group), turin, opens its new dubai headquarters

The operation in the United Arab Emirates entails a one-million-euro investment over three years, 2023-2025, with a foreseen turnover of 5-8 million euros.

Markets include Experience Design & Extended Reality, Cybersecurity & Management Consulting and will be pivotal in the Turin Group’s Middle East business planning.

Turin, 16 May 2023 – The Turin-based Gruppo SCAI has 1,400 people and an output value of 112 million euros. The new office debuts in the United Arab Emirates, in the Free Zone Dubai Internet City technology hub. The operation entails a one-million-euro investment over three years, 2023-2025, with a foreseen turnover of 5-8 million euros.

Gruppo SCAI will focus mainly on the Experience Design & Extended Reality, and Cybersecurity & Management Consulting markets.

The Turin-based Group sees the Dubai experience as an international expansion opportunity in a persistently growing area. The Middle East Cyber Security market alone is expected to reach $32.85bn by 2027 (source: At the same time, the United Arab Emirates ICT sector in 2021 amounted to $52.25bn and, at an average annual growth rate of 8.2%, is estimated to reach $77.58bn by 2026 (source ICT growth in this area is mainly in the energy sector.

Massimiliano Cipolletta, CEO of Gruppo SCAI, commented: “By opening an office in Dubai, Gruppo SCAI will add Italian know-how to the Middle East, in sectors relating to Digital Transformation, the Metaverse, and Virtual and Augmented Reality. In these sectors, Italy’s experience now boasts numerous international successes. Our proposal follows fifty years of ICT capability and the professionalism of its technical Competence Centres, combining innovation and creativity with the security of its certified processes. We are sure that the background developed during its fifty-year history at home and on the international stage will permit the Group to weave new relationships in the Middle East. We are initiating interesting development bases right from the first moment, and these will continue in the short and medium term.”

With a company network operating in the world of ICT and System Integration for the Finance, Public Administration, Industry, Media and Services sectors, Gruppo SCAI has recognised an opportunity in the Emirates area to intensify its presence in the field of System Integration with high technological content.

Through its highly specialised Expertise Centres, Gruppo SCAI will work with customers in the Middle East in various digital transformation projects: from Software Development to Business Transformation, from IT Governance to IoT, from Cloud integration to ERP, from Virtual and Augmented Reality to Cybersecurity and Security Governance.

Gian Piero Pepino, Gruppo SCAI managing director, underlined that it is “not just Metaverse and Extended Reality. Cybersecurity, Blockchain and Cloud Computing are SCAI Group specialisations as well, and they can bring excellent value to the Middle East market. Its Cybersecurity Competence Center protects data and assets through specialised end-to-end support taking in the entire ecosystem from consultancy to the implementation of market-leading innovative technological solutions, all covered by numerous international certifications (CSA, Clusit, etc.). The Group is also a certified partner of all the main international cloud providers (Google, Azure, AWS, Oracle) and develops very high-quality software to high-security standards.”

“Gruppo SCAI,” added Alaeddine El Orf Abbassi, managing director of the new SCAI company in Dubai, Tecnosistemi FZ LLC, “has acquired significant functional skills in various areas, and this can contribute to the correct alignment between IT and Business. Thanks to the consultancy services strategy of Gruppo SCAI, customers have access to an ecosystem of skills and professionalism offering the integrated solutions necessary to achieve new business objectives.”

Gruppo SCAI was founded in Turin in 1973. Right from the start, it became a public company active in the field of system integration. From the year 2000, the company flourished quickly and embarked on a growth strategy for external lines, characterised above all by the integration of companies to enrich the know-how and quality of SCAI’s proposal. In 2010, the Holding was created as a coordination, representation and centralised support body for subsidiaries active in several Italian regions. Gruppo SCAI employs 1,400 people and, in 2022, reached an output value of 112 million euros.