Gruppo SCAI attends the very first ARROW FPGA WEEK

Arrow, a renowned company specialising in the distribution and value-added services of electronic components and computer products, organised the first edition of ARROW FPGA WEEK at the Crowne Plaza in Verona. The event (15-18 May) was attended by leading FPGA manufacturers, such as Intel, Microchip, and Lattice.

On the first day of the event, Andrea Del Re, Business Unit Manager of SCAI Connect, delivered specialised courses on VHDL (Very High-Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware Description Language), as well as simulation and implementation processes. 

The ARROW FPGA WEEK served as a platform for professionals to convene, exchange ideas, and improve their knowledge of FPGAs. It offered a cutting-edge learning environment and networking opportunities for the electronics community. 

Participating in ARROW FPGA WEEK was an important opportunity for the SCAI Group to strengthen its presence in the electronics industry. It allowed the Group to stay updated on the latest innovations in the realm of FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) and foster strategic collaborations with other key players in the field.