Gruppo SCAI in London for Forrester Technology & Innovation EMEA event

Break Boundaries, Build The Future. The importance of being a leader in digital transformation

On 13 and 14 October, SCAI Group participated in the ForresterTechnology & Innovation EMEA held in London. A hybrid event that Marino Piroddi, SCAI Group CTO, had the pleasure of attending so he could meet and hear first-hand some of Forrester’s most influential international analysts and colleagues from other high-tech organisations. 

Value-driven technology strategies, people and leadership, digital platforms and cloud-native infrastructures, and cybersecurity were some of the thought-provoking topics on the agenda. A two-day event during which Forrester shared its bold and unique vision: more than 25 role-based activities, face-to-face meetings with analysts, educational talks, round tables, networking spaces, marketplaces

Talent management and  stakeholder perception were discussed, as were agile, low coding and digital operation platforms, but the event focused above all on how technologies can be drivers of sustainability, bearing in mind the opportunities that are emerging with the metaverse in the age of the new normal. A reality that companies, institutions, and people are co-constructing. 

Break Boundaries, Build The Future. This was the slogan Forrester used to invite technology managers (CIOs, C-levels, delivery managers, business managers, decision influencers) interested in the impact of technology and innovation on business growth to attend Technology & Innovation EMEA. Over 40% of the participants came from large companies with more than 10,000 employees. “I had the opportunity to participate in the Italian Local Language Networking sessions where the crucial importance of Digital Operations Platformswas discussed. In general, the event was packed full of content illustrated by a number of Forrester analysts from all over the world, including the very Italian Diego Lo Giudice, Dario Maisto and Enza Iannopollo, with whom we have recently collaborated. – commented Marino Piroddi, Chief Technology Officer of the SCAI GroupWith technology and innovation as the leitmotif, we delved into trending topics in the ICT sector, keeping an eye on both the present and the future. Companies realised that they had the potential to move faster than they thought, agilely redesigning the dynamics of the new normal from the perspectives of the digital workplace, the user & customer experience and all the stakeholders involved’