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Solutions for safe storage and data use

We place our skills at the client’s disposal to enable them to respond to specific IT security needs. We supply tailor-made solutions, adapting them to context, needs and constraints

Advanced Persistent Threat

APT (Advanced Persistent Threat) is the acronym for targeted and persistent attacks, generally carried out by enemies with considerable technical expertise and abundant resources.
We use our support skills to help companies cover all attack routes (web, email, file, endpoint, smartphone).
We offer vertical solutions based on FireEye technology, a leader in APT prevention, and we enhance Symantec and Trend Micro endpoint protection solutions with their respective advanced attack protection modules.

Identity and Access Governace

We supply integrated solutions that let companies manage easy access to critical applications and data, while personal user data is protected.
We give support to companies for the definition of user management and governance policies, applying the best Identity Access Management platforms on market-leading technologies such as RSA and NetIQ.
We help customers to safely manage the network by optimising and simplifying processes over their entire life cycle.

Data Loss & Leak Prevention

We offer companies end-to-end protection to respond quickly to possible data leaks by risky or malicious users.
Our services include:
Data Classification
Data Masking (the process of hiding original data)
CASB – Cloud Access Security Broker (software that extends the reach of security policies)

Network Access Governance

We help companies to control access to network resources, taking various user contexts into account.
Our services include:
● NAC – Network Access Control (a network solution that guarantees secure multi-device access to networks)
● IPS – Intrusion Prevention System (software components that increase IT system security by reporting harmful activities)

Endpoint Security Management

We supply systems for secure client endpoint management. In this context, we are partners of the main market players (Symantec, Trend Micro, Kaspersky).
Our services include:
● AV
● NGAV – (Next-Generation Antivirus)
● XDR – Extended Detection and Response – (XDR automatically collects data across multiple security layers to detect threats faster and more efficiently)

Application Management

We supply systems that monitor and manage applications, permitting companies to save time and resources by eliminating risks related to software updates, deadlines and renewals.
Our services include:
● WAF – Web Application Firewall
● Positive Technologies Application Inspector

Security w/ Cloud

We offer cloud security solutions that guarantee the security and reliability of the cloud computing service.
Our services include:
● CDN – Content Delivery network
● SASE – Secure Access Service Edge (a cloud service that simplifies large-scale networking and security)
● AdDos
● Antibot

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