Infrastructures – see what SCAI PuntoIT has to offer

We guarantee you will get everything you need for solid and secure infrastructures

We provide infrastructure management, virtualisation, storage and networking services while letting companies get on with their core business and reducing IT-related costs


We help clients to save data in accordance with IT regulations and best practices.
We identify the best data-saving approach, including the implementation of deduplication functions that minimise the space used by backups.
Veritas has consolidated expertise in backup technologies. We use them to build and manage the best performing and most effective data backup solutions.

Secondary Storage

Storage is the basic component when creating all virtualisation, cloud, backup and disaster recovery infrastructure. A technological choice that will only partially meet company needs can limit future IT infrastructure development.
We help clients to select the right technology by designing storage infrastructure to meet context and needs.


Our Server Homing (or Server Housing) solution consists of outsourcing our clients’ servers to our Colocation Data Centre.
Using this service, clients can take advantage of our professional infrastructure while continuing to manage their servers by safely locating them in our facilities that are fitted with controlled access, stable connections, suitable power supply and correct temperature.

IaasS, PaaS, SaaS

We give client support for cloud infrastructure construction. We start by choosing the right technologies or providers, take care of solution design and implementation, and migrate services to new cloud systems.
We are specialists in the following activities:
● IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service (we create personal designs for an adaptable cloud infrastructure)
● PaaS – Platform as a Service (we provide processing platforms and solution stacks)
● SaaS – Software as a Service (we develop and manage Cloud applications that are made available to clients)


We assist companies with the design, implementation and management of virtual infrastructures so that they may create new generation data centres.
In the endpoint field, we propose desktop virtualisation projects that transform user workstations into virtual tools for access with multiple devices, from anywhere and at any time.


We defend our clients’ systems from possible attacks using hardening protection action, eliminating or mitigating any vulnerable systems right from the design, configuration and installation stages.
We work alongside companies to get first-hand understanding of which elements require security action. A security regime is put in place, using the right tools to meet specific business requirements and guaranteeing the desired level of security.

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