SCAI Fast is a SAP Silver partner!

In January 2021, after a long accreditation process, SCAI Fast became a SAP Silver Service Partner

What does it mean to be a service partner? Service is an engagement model for partners providing strategic business excellence consulting to customers through the design, development, implementation and integration of SAP solutions.

By becoming a Service Partner we can be found by all stakeholders through the “SAP Partner Finder tool:

Through this tool we can highlight our experience, Recognised Expertise, the industries (Chemicals, Insurance, Automotive, Consumer products, etc.) to which we offer our solutions.

SCAI Fast is not only present at national level (Turin, Milan, Rome), but also at international level (Poland). Thanks to this partnership and tool we can make our locations more visible.

This important recognition has allowed us to forge closer relationships with SAP in an alliance of synergies and business development strategies.