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A new approach to network performance and monitoring

A product designed by networkers for networkers

the product
Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring Tool

It was created and developed by people who work daily on complex networks where there is the need to include a monitoring tool to facilitate the management of the entire network.

Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring Tool monitors and analyses the performance of any IP network

➔ Through a simple and intuitive web interface, it is possible to monitor all data collected by the device such as interface traffic, CPU load, disk usage, memory usage, etc.

It can create reports combining various measurements for comparison and export them in PDF format.

Automatic alarm system that alerts users of the presence of critical values through e-mail and SMS notifications. Users can define their own threshold values above which an alarm is created.  In addition, it is possible to create hierarchical maps within which the main performance data can be entered.

➔All Ne.Mo. functionalities can be enabled and/or denied depending on the user/group. 

It is also possible to restrict the database of all the monitored entities to a specific user.


The modules of Ne.Mo.

Automatic Configuration

Automatic monitoring of devices according to the model

Each device is automatically recognised by Ne.Mo. and is monitored by collecting all key device statistics. Various templates are available to improve the control of the information to be entered in the database.


Ne.Mo. recognises most of the devices made by the major manufacturers: Cisco, Juniper, Extreme, Brocade, Enterasys, Netscreen, F5, Redback, H3C, BlueCoat, HP, Linux, Windows, …
For everything that is not recognised, measurement customisation can be activated using SNMP.

Without Agent

Without agent for server and web client

Ne.Mo. was developed using server-side scripting (PHP) combined with HTML5/CSS3 and Javascript and does not require any additional plug-ins in the browser (no Java, no Flash). In addition, all devices monitored by Ne.Mo. are queried directly and there is no need to install the agent on remote machines. All software components used by Ne.Mo. are Open Source and therefore no additional licences are required.

SNMP Trap and Syslog

Trap Server and Syslog integrated with system alarms

Ne.Mo. has a built-in syslog and trap receiver. Through a simple rule-based configuration, it is possible to filter incoming messages and decide whether to discard them, generate alarms or simply count them for statistical purposes only.


Automatic and customisable alarms

During data acquisition, if abnormal conditions are detected on the collected measurements, alarms are automatically generated. It is also possible to configure alarms on every measurement using a threshold-based mechanism and send e-mails or texts (SMS gateway required) to users and/or groups. These thresholds may be absolute values or values relative to the average of previous samples.

Configuration Management

Periodically, device configurations are taken and compared with the previous one: if changes are detected, the new configuration is stored in the DB with a higher revision number, and an alarm can be generated. A description of each new configuration can also be entered to keep track of the editing activities carried out on the devices. Users can also compare any two versions.

Multiuser and Multigroup

Within Ne.Mo. it is possible to define users and groups and create associations between them. All Ne.Mo. functionalities can then be enabled/disabled on a user or group basis through an ACL (Access Control List) mechanism. Any piece of information can also be monitored by tagging: using these tags, a customised view of the entire database can be created for each user or group.

Hardware Inventory – hardware asset management

Where possible depending on the device type, Ne.Mo. automatically acquires the complete inventory of network devices, including serial number and part number. The information on each part (FRU – Field Replacement Units) is acquired on the modular equipment: chassis, fans, boards, modules, connectors, etc…

IP address management

For each Ne.Mo. device, information is collected on the IP addresses used and the relevant network in order to automatically create a complete IP address plan. Any anomalies detected (duplicate IP address, overlapping networks, etc.) will be reported during the acquisition process. It is also possible to statically assign the IP address or network.


Through Ne.Mo. it is possible to create reports in which the measurements to be viewed can be entered. It is possible to schedule the sending of these reports on a regular basis (daily, weekly, monthly). All users who wish to receive a particular report can simply subscribe in the report section.

Quick Search

Quick search for information

All information monitored by Ne.Mo. can be organised into ‘favourites’ by each user in a similar way to bookmarks in any browser. With a simple drag & drop action, you can organise, view, delete, bookmark and add any graphics. Ne.Mo. also provides a search engine that allows you to find the required information in no time at all without having to navigate through long and complex menus.

Use of Interfaces

Interface utilisation analysis

Specifically designed for access switch sizing and capacity planning problems. Ne.Mo. periodically monitors the number of available Ethernet ports on each device: total, used, unused and recently used. This information can then be recorded and tracked like any other measurement and aggregated to obtain global information on specific areas of the network (e.g. an entire site or a specific data centre).


If you would like to organise a demonstration meeting, get a free trial version, or receive details on the type of licences available and a quote.