Gruppo SCAI expands its market with the new Dubai office

Hi tech, internationalisation: Gruppo SCAI (SCAI Group), turin, opens its new dubai headquarters The operation in the United Arab Emirates entails a one-million-euro investment over three years, 2023-2025, with a foreseen turnover of 5-8 million euros. Markets include Experience Design & Extended Reality, Cybersecurity & Management Consulting and will be pivotal in the Turin Group’s … Read More

Gruppo SCAI attends the very first ARROW FPGA WEEK

Arrow, a renowned company specialising in the distribution and value-added services of electronic components and computer products, organised the first edition of ARROW FPGA WEEK at the Crowne Plaza in Verona. The event (15-18 May) was attended by leading FPGA manufacturers, such as Intel, Microchip, and Lattice. On the first day of the event, Andrea … Read More

Accelerating the Cloud Transition and Enhancing Customer Experience: SCAI ITEC’s partnership with Oracle

The SCAI Group’s partnership with Oracle enhances cloud-first technology and the skills required to thrive in the current market, delivering high-quality, innovative results to customers. SCAI ITEC, a subsidiary of the SCAI Group, is reinforcing and expanding its partnership with Oracle, leveraging its extensive experience in on-premise solutions. As a result, SCAI ITEC has achieved … Read More

Enhancing Cyber Security Awareness: SCAI Partners with Cyber Guru

Awareness of cyber risks helps businesses limit and mitigate vulnerabilities and promote a cyber security culture at all company levels.  In recent years, cyber attacks have increasingly targeted the weakest link in the defence chain: the human factor. Today, both public and private organisations are placing greater emphasis on training their employees and collaborators in the … Read More

The Cloud Security Alliance accredits Gruppo SCAI as a Trusted Cloud Consultant

The CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) has confirmed the accreditation of SCAI Partners as a TCC (Trusted Cloud Consultant). It is an opportunity for the Group’s Cybersecurity Competence Center to demonstrate its commitment to best practices in security. On 21 March 2023, courtesy of SCAI Partners, Gruppo SCAI announced the Trusted Cloud Consultant classification by the … Read More

Meta Effect – Gruppo SCAI in the Metaverse

“META EFFECT” IS OPEN, FEATURING THE FIRST ART EXHIBITION CONCEIVED AND DESIGNED BY ETT IN THE METAVERSE.  Meta Effect inaugurated, the first exhibition entirely designed by ETT in the Metaverse. What is art? What is creativity? Can Artificial Intelligence be considered creative? ETT SpA, a SCAI Group company, addressed these issues by coordinating and bringing … Read More

CYBER PROJECT: business processes and cybersecurity awareness at the heart of business education

The CYBER READINESS LEVEL is the result of Fondirigenti’s CYBER project, which saw the active participation of the SCAI Group through a training, prevention and awareness course on cybersecurity in the Piedmont region. Presented on Nov. 7 at Eataly in Turin were the outcomes of the CYBER project, sponsored by Fondirigenti, implemented by Fondazione Piemonte … Read More

Previdenza on Tour: Massimiliano Cipolletta in Genoa and the digital future of the professions

Digitization between risks, opportunities and awareness for Certified Public Accountants “Toward new routes. Navigating Strategies and Tools for Tomorrow’s Certified Public Accountants” is the title of the 10th edition of the Previdenza in Tour. The event was held today in Genoa at the Magazzini del Cotone, organized by Cassa Dottori Commercialisti. The focus of the … Read More

The PROCS Suite is Officially AGID-Qualified

PROCS – the SCAI Group’s platform for digitising, automating, and monitoring processes – joins AGID’s Cloud Marketplace, the SaaS catalogue for the public sector. AgID’s Cloud Marketplace is a portal that displays services and infrastructures that are AgID qualified according to AgID Memoranda 2 and 3 of 9 April 2018. PROCS has successfully completed the qualification … Read More

Gruppo SCAI in London for Forrester Technology & Innovation EMEA event

Break Boundaries, Build The Future. The importance of being a leader in digital transformation On 13 and 14 October, SCAI Group participated in the ForresterTechnology & Innovation EMEA held in London. A hybrid event that Marino Piroddi, SCAI Group CTO, had the pleasure of attending so he could meet and hear first-hand some of Forrester’s … Read More