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ETT S.p.A has created a space for the public to experience immersive simulations as part of a narrative that promotes a ‘culture of protection’ using advanced VR systems.

The space was installed in Intesa SanPaolo Assicura’s new showroom at its iconic Via San Francesco site thanks to a partnership between ETT, Deloitte Digital and Officine Innovazione.

This innovative edutainment space plays on the concept of “protection” and allows visitors to enjoy spectacular interactive and engaging VR experiences. Upon entering the store, visitors embark on a unique journey to an alien planet where protection is just as important as it is on Planet Earth.

Area X engages visitors and passers-by from outside the store using the latest generation LED panels to broadcast striking high-definition images and 3D holograms. Individual VR stations are installed inside. A multi-purpose meeting area is equipped with a video wall to broadcast testimonials.

Inside, visitors play the role of colonists and are asked to complete a series of tasks. The experience spans three different stations, allowing visitors to explore the planet by flying over evocative floating islands with a jet pack, visiting an alien living module, and by taking the wheel of a space rover travelling through breathtaking 3D scenery.

All experiences are connected by gaming mechanics that are guided by one simple rule: the better you protect yourself, the more fascinating and surprising your adventure will be. Before embarking on an adventure, visitors can choose to equip themselves with special “space” insurance to protect their score from unforeseen events, thus explaining which insurance policy best suits which situation.

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