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Literary Prize “Angelo Zanibelli – The healing word”



The Literary Prize “Angelo Zanibelli – The healing word” was established in 2013 to enhance narrative as a social and therapeutic tool. The Award – in memory of Angelo Zanibelli, Director of Communications and Institutional Relations at Sanofi Italia – has, ever since the first edition, given voice to the narratives of patients and those who care for them, in the firm belief that sharing the experience of illness is, by itself, part of the cure. To date, more than 500 works and authors have taken part in the Sanofi initiative, making it a point of reference in both the health and literary fields.

It was decided to streamline the competition for the 2021 edition. To optimise management, it was essential to have just one simple and intuitive tool to permit members and organisers to interact in a more immediate and participatory way. Gruppo SCAI created a digital platform on which the various actors involved – writers, the organising body and members of the jury – collaborate in the various phases of the procedure, from the collection of the works to choosing the winners.

Using a web portal, also available on mobile devices, authors may submit applications for assessment and approval by the organisers. Authors then submit their work on the portal, making it available for reading and evaluation by the members of the jury and any technical committees; after which the works that will go through to the final phase are selected.

In the final phase, the system gathers the decisions from the members of the jury and ranks them in order, determining the prize-winners in each category.

The solution was created on the PROCS platform, a suite of tools giving effective and controlled process management as well as simple and intuitive interaction among users.

In this way, authors, jury and professionals can function individually within a highly participatory environment. In this solution, all the usual work tools, apps and data are integrated and made available thanks to Procs functions, automation and high operational speed.



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