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Meta Effect is the first exhibition curated by ETT, a subsidiary of the SCAI Group, within the Spatial Metaverse. This virtual environment provides an immersive platform for admiring digital artworks carefully selected and embraced by the crypto-art communities associated with the NFT world. The Metaverse has become an ideal space for artists, architects, advertising agencies, and video production companies to showcase their creations, fostering a deep connection between the audience and the digital artworks through immersive engagement.

ETT’s Metaverse is conceptualised as a genuine art gallery, capable of accommodating up to 50 avatars that can freely move between exhibited works. Visitors can access the Metaverse through a desktop link, smartphone, or Virtual Reality visor, allowing them to interact with other visitors in real-time. When exploring the exhibition, visitors are not isolated; they can engage in live discussions, share impressions, and exchange ideas with fellow visitors, utilising their own avatars, microphones, and webcams.

The exhibition features captivating artworks by renowned artists Paolo Bonfiglio, Mark Cooper, and Corrado Zeni, alongside pieces generated by the artificial intelligence known as Gaia Midj. These algorithms possess unique characteristics that enable them to create mesmerising artworks. Consequently, Meta Effect presents a unique opportunity to delve into the realm of artificial intelligence’s role in the art world and stimulate discussions on human and technological creativity. The AI-generated works are seamlessly integrated with other pieces, intentionally concealing the author’s identity, which is only accessible as a background element.

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