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Procs for manufacturing production automation


A company’s competitiveness in its production department is directly proportional to the value of the products it manufactures. Likewise, product value is directly proportional to the cost of components and processing stages.

To make the most of a positive efficiency and quality impact on the entire production process of a company, it is a good idea to automate and digitise processing cycles. This has a distinct effect in the manufacturing industry, as can be seen in the case of an SME Client which asked Gruppo SCAI for support to speed up warehousing processes, reduce costs as much as possible and involve all staff in an operational and collaborative way.

The solution devised to meet the client’s needs was based on the PROCS platform. It acts on the production process, supplying tools to various players for the definition, operational management and monitoring of processing cycles.

Starting from production order data, the system generates a procedure that details the processing phases to be carried out and the raw materials and machinery to be used in each phase. Lastly, it produces the labels and related barcodes.

Using this data, production workers take the raw material and label it. They then move it to the production area and confirm taking charge of the processing on a touch-screen terminal. The operator’s badge is read, as well as the barcodes on the material and machinery to be used. The same procedure is also used to report processing interruptions, accurately recording processing times.

The production control operator uses a dashboard to check manufacturing progress and production times and costs, comparing them with forecasted data. Everyone involved in the production process has a customised user interface for each specific user role. The operation schedule generated by the Procs platform gives the complete picture, contributing to activity automation and reducing operating costs. Not just manual activities are automated; each work phase is integrated continuously into the main flow.



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