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IT Governance & Anti Money Laundering: A Case Study in MIS

The Bank of Italy conducted an Anti Money Laundering (AML) inspection at Mediobanca S.p.A., an Italian credit institution. This inspection highlighted the need for new software to optimise the performance of tasks related to preventing and combatting money laundering. Specifically, the inspection identified the requirement for adaptation, remediation, and enhancement to support the onboarding/KYC, customer profiling, and transaction monitoring processes of the Private and CIB divisions.

To address these needs, the SCAI Group provided the client with a skilled project management professional who could support them in governance and monitoring activities associated with the initiative.

This dedicated professional works closely with the client on a daily basis, engaging in tasks such as reviewing and interpreting business requirements, conducting functional and technical analyses, overseeing the implementation phase, testing, and ultimately ensuring a successful go-live. Their expertise in managing complex AML contexts and navigating the multiple facets of the MIS world brings added value to the project.

The SCAI Group also assists the client in identifying and handling new requests that arise during the various project phases.

Furthermore, the SCAI Group facilitates effective collaboration between the IT Risk area and the Group’s other application platforms (System Integration, Anagrafe, and DWH). This creates a cohesive and stable working environment, enabling the swift achievement of business and project objectives.

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