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Internet Banking: A Multi-Channel Digital Identity



Multi-channel communication is a must when it comes to business but data collection and business management are becoming increasingly complex.

SCAI’s customer, a leading banking institution, was determined to equip itself with cutting-edge, high-performance technologies to facilitate a multichannel approach, ensure better user interaction with the Group’s communication channels, and address communication and information fragmentation.
The SCAI Group used its technical expertise to improve the data recording process for all banking relationships, including with natural persons, legal entities, and joint ventures. The objective was to analyse the customer base at multi-channel level and feed internet banking with comprehensive customer profiles across all selected banking products.

In the current context, digitising banking processes has become vital for banks and customers alike. Thanks to the SCAI Group’s solutions, we can now manage digital customer identities, guaranteeing the necessary security levels and centralising data and information that was not previously in one place and was often duplicated, resulting in inefficiencies and misalignments that were difficult to resolve.”

Giuseppe Giudice – Delivery Manager, SCAI Finance

To achieve this, we undertook several activities to generate a customer profile database for internet banking purposes. In particular, the SCAI Group created new procedures for profiling new customers, managing visible entities in multi-channel mode, and monitoring and maintaining digital customer identities and security (OTP, passwords, mobile phones, and emails).

To carry out these processes, we had to use cutting-edge modern architectural patterns, which we integrated into our customer’s historical and structured context. Scrum Agile methodology informed the software development process, which is powered by Java microservices and modular applications constructed with Angular. We then used DevOps and automated testing to ensure seamless integration.

Software quality plays an important role when building central and complex applications, which must comply with objective standards, including compliance with best practices and code coverage constraints. All of our software has a minimum code coverage of 85%. This helps us to offer quality, tested, and secure software,” states Giudice.

The results were evident in three areas: a customer’s digital identity is now their single point of access for internet banking needs, the application maintenance process – enabling single-point verification and OTP authorisations, for instance – has been simplified, and the duplication of information and data required for Internet Banking has been significantly reduced.

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