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Shaping the world of tomorrow

We build customised and integrated solutions in partnership with our customers. Specialisation is key to this process and is the primary focus of what we do at the SCAI Group.

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Intelligent production

Industry 4.0 digitally integrates all process components, from machine and production monitoring to maintenance, the tracking of incoming and outgoing goods, business automation, and data management.


Innovating in the name of sustainability

We collect and analyse data from complex sources to promote environmental and energy sustainability. We also implement solutions for monitoring the physical conditions of the seas and oceans.


The future of communication is ICT

We promote and distribute technological content through various communication channels, allowing products, services and brands to reach their target audience.


Retail & Products

New virtual spaces enhance the customer journey

Major retail brands are paving the way for the future of retail by embracing new technologies that provide customers with an authentic and engaging shopping experience.


Property management tools

Smart property management tools

Companies managing large property assets need efficient, up-to-date technology for administrative and technical management purposes.

Technology for people

Digitising health services, institutions and public sector bodies improves quality of life and optimises management processes and performance.


Cultural heritage and a new narrative

Museums and cultural attractions need immersive technologies to attract and engage visitors and render them the main characters in a unique and interactive experience.