RealGimm: from managing large real estate assets to the most current System Integration challenges


Developed as a tool for managing real estate assets, RealGimm is a system that adopts the IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management System) model, a platform in constant evolution enriched by IoT integrations that position it as a leader in the Real Estate segment, a market where the optimisation of processes in the Facility area represents an absolute priority.

RealGimm integrates with a variety of systems on the market (accounting, BI, ticketing, management control) and makes use of a specific Mobile APP for mobile maintenance management supporting different types of devices (smartphone, tablets, etc.). RealGimm facilitates transactions related to the acquisition and/or transfer of large real estate assets and provides tools for analysis and strategic investment planning and maintenance scheduling

An integrated platform – which can be integrated with third-party products (GIS Systems, IoT Sensors and Orchestrators, Big Data Analytics Platforms) – developed to manage all real estate processes with a single tool, simplifying administrative, tax, budgeting and management control aspects, from the more traditional ones in the Property area (personal data, administration, leases, and billing processes) to Facility area activities (maintenance interventions, service contracts, calls for bids, plants, scheduled maintenance), up to large Engineering interventions (construction site management, orders, contracts by tender).

To incrementally meet the functional needs associated with Real Estate area processes, RealGimm recently has acquired the ability to be integrated with a market-leading BIM created to accompany the entire life cycle of a property. BIM (Building Information Modeling) calls for the modeling of real estate with CAD systems starting from architectural and structural information and allows describing real estate and plant assets and providing the user with navigation based on 2D/3D plans.

BIM takes from CAD (Computer Aided Design) the graphical component that makes it possible to display the property in its entirety or by individual component: from the global structure to elevators, different facades, heating systems and any other element of interest in management and maintenance.

Thanks to the integration, navigation and identification of object/asset types within a specific area of the property, it is possible to recall data by characteristics, interventions, maintenance sheets or photos. The calculation of the surfaces involved and easier management of services related to the Facility area from preventive maintenance to on-demand interventions, SLA control of the services provided all the way to the calculation of pre-billing are all possible. The introduction of usBIM into a Real Estate Management software such as RealGimm makes it possible to recover floor plans and spatial information to correlate to the property, thus returning all aspects related to the geographic location and legal, administrative, tax and cost allocation information.

The advantages of implementing BIM on RealGimm include the promotion of simpler and more intuitive collaboration among different professionals (firms and building firms, maintenance and furnishing companies, tax consultants) and a series of benefits and advantages for management: a single data entry system that allows both systems to be updated, ease in identifying strategic assets, and immediate data sharing.

RealGimm has scalability and configurability features that allow it to be adapted to meet the needs of different types of clients. The configurability of the engine that processes the scheduling of maintenance and cleaning services, as well as inventory and supplier management, provides the client with a powerful tool that enables cost rationalisation and time savings.

The scalability of the product makes it possible to manage complex assets (60,000 building units and more than 1 million tickets over eight years of interventions). Happily chosen over the years by major companies, including Poste Italiane, the RealGimm system was upgraded over time with a series of features that made it a complete, innovative, leading Real Estate product.

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