DDM for SAP Applications: simple, secure and natively integrated into SAP

In today’s business environment, information management has become a strategic priority for gaining a competitive edge. Companies using SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) know how crucial it is to maintain accurate, consistent and timely data within their system. To facilitate this management, SCAI Fast, a SCAI Group company, works with DDM for SAP Applications, the only solution natively integrated in SAP for document process management.

DDM for SAP Applications is a SAP-certified Add-On for document process management that offers a quick and easy way to manage document-based processes within the SAP environment. With this platform, users can take full advantage of document management functionalities without having to change context, saving valuable time and improving the efficiency of their business operations. With DDM for SAP Applications, users can enhance the standard SAP DMS and manage documents related to all the SAP modules.

DDM is the ideal solution for improving document management in the Accounting, Purchasing and Sales modules, offering an integrated and optimised experience.

Archiving, digitisation and access to business documents

One of the main features of DDM is the ability to quickly and efficiently store, digitise and access documents directly in SAP, eliminating the need for connectors and/or external interfaces or separate applications. With this functionality, dependence on paper documents can be eliminated and business processes can be transformed into fully digital operations. The platform allows documents to be captured, indexed and archived, both manually and automatically, in a centralised manner, simplifying the search and retrieval of information. In addition, thanks to the centralised management of the documents in SAP, complete traceability and efficient data management can be maintained.

Enabling document-based processes

DDM offers a wide range of tools for enabling and automating document-based processes within the SAP environment. With this Add-On, customised workflows can be defined to manage document approval, data validation and other activities related to document processes. These features allow users to reduce manual errors, accelerate processing times, and improve document consistency and compliance in real time.

Simple document sharing between business functions

It facilitates document sharing between different business functions, improving collaboration and access to information. With this platform, documents can be shared securely and controlled within the organisation, allowing employees to access and work on relevant documents efficiently. This fosters communication and collaboration between teams, accelerating the decision-making processes and improving the overall productivity of the company.

Intelligent solutions

It also offers intelligent solutions to improve the efficiency and automation of document-driven processes. Through the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, the platform is able to automate document classification, data extraction and other tasks, reducing the manual workload and guaranteeing more accurate operations.

Flexible and customisable solutions

It provides ample flexibility and customisation to adapt to the specific needs of each organisation. The platform allows workflows, document templates and other settings to be configured according to business requirements, ensuring a tailor-made implementation. In addition, DDM, like the entire SAP platform, is easily integrated with other business systems, enabling a continuous, seamless workflow between the different applications.

Integrated approval workflows

Users can define customised workflows for document approval, simplifying and speeding up the decision-making process. With this native integration, users can gain complete visibility into approval workflows and monitor the status of documents in real time, increasing operational efficiency and reducing processing times.

Integration of the electronic signature

It allows the management of document-based workflows within SAP, sealing documents with electronic signatures. This functionality guarantees the authenticity and integrity of documents, eliminating the need to print, manually sign and archive paper documents. The integration of the e-signature simplifies approval processes and makes the workflow fully digital, reducing costs, speeding up processing times and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Electronic invoicing management

DDM for SAP Applications offers a complete solution for managing electronic invoicing directly in SAP. The platform enables the generation, management and storage of electronic invoices in compliance with current tax regulations. This functionality simplifies the invoicing process, reduces errors and promotes greater efficiency in administration.

Mobile web access

It offers users the possibility to access the SAP document-based workflow from any mobile device via mobile web access. This functionality allows users to consult, approve and manage business documents while on the move, providing greater flexibility and improving productivity for staff on the move or working remotely.

DDM for SAP Applications is a complete and integrated solution for managing document processes within the SAP environment. Thanks to its native integration, the Add-On simplifies and optimises the access, archiving and management of business documents directly in SAP, avoiding complex interfaces and workflow interruptions. With integrated approval, e-signature, e-invoice management, financial automation and mobile web access functionalities, it offers a user-friendly experience, improves operational efficiency and facilitates advanced and optimised document management for companies using SAP.

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