Gruppo SCAI meets the University of Dubai: The Key Elements of the Metaverse

A seminar at the College of Engineering and IT of the University of Dubai. Alaeddine El Orf Abbassi, Gruppo SCAI guest speaker Alaeddine El Orf Abbassi, Head of International Projects SCAI S.p.A., held a seminar entitled Inspiring your Digital Evolution and the Key Elements of the Metaverse on 9 June at the University of Dubai … Read More

Gruppo SCAI is one of the companies to have obtained the UNHCR Italia logo Welcome – Working for refugee integration

Thanks to Powercoders’ project, Gruppo SCAI has been awarded the UNHCR Italia logo “Welcome – Working for refugee integration” for its commitment to promoting concrete actions, training and job opportunities for young people with a refugee background. The award ceremony took place in Rome on 13 May. The Powercoders project started in 2019, with Turin, … Read More

SCAI Group is AWS Select Tier Partner  

The Select Tier level is the starting point for new growth opportunities in a partnership path that helps us bring quality innovation to our customers, reduce costs, improve infrastructure and processes in an efficient and secure move to the Cloud May 2022 – SCAI Group is certified AWS Partner, Select Tier.  A partnership that enhances … Read More

Massimiliano Cipolletta joins Mind the STEM Gap

On International Girls in ICT Day, SCAI Group CEO Massimiliano Cipolletta chose to join Mind the STEM Gap, a manifesto that promotes an inclusive culture, present and future, in STEM fields. Turin, 28 April 2022. It is a participatory project of the Bracco Foundation, set up in 2021 to counter gender stereotypes, give visibility to the … Read More

SCAI Group in the Turin Top 500

PwC’s ranking of the top five hundred companies in the area: an X-ray of Turin beyond the pandemic On 12 April 2022 the special insert dedicated to Turin Top 500 was published in La Stampa. The event is organised annually by Pwc Italy in collaboration with La Stampa, and provides an overview of the entrepreneurial … Read More

The interactive exhibition ‘A World of Potential’ opens its doors in the Procuratie Vecchie in Venice

The exhibition offers an immersive experience in which each of us can understand and connect with their own personal ‘potential’, exploring the strengths of our personality and, simultaneously, the best qualities in the people around us.  To mark the 190th anniversary of the founding of Generali, A World of Potential opens, an interactive exhibition hosted … Read More

Cyberwarfare and cyber security, present and future

“The medium-term goal is to integrate cybersecurity into all aspects of business operations”: Massimo Messina spoke about this for SCAI Group, when guesting at an event dedicated to Cyber Vulnerability   SCAI Group was among the guests at Cyberwarfare: a new digital economic war: how to react in case of attack and what to expect in … Read More

VR and education: ETT Group with VIS at EXPO Dubai

“Let’s light up the skies of the world. Astronomy for Education: from theory to practice‘ was the hybrid event organised by OAE Italy Centre and Inaf during Expo Dubai on 16 March 2022.  Markus Poessel, Head of the IAU’s OAE Office, Stefano Sandrelli and Sara Ricciardi from the Italian OAE Centre, Hamid Al-Naimiy and Ilias … Read More

ISO 9001:2015, a new certification for SCAI Connect

The quality management system is essential to guarantee the company’s processes and improve customer satisfaction                Rome, 28/02/22 SCAI Connect S.r.l., subsidiary of the SCAI Group headquartered in Rome, a company specialising in supporting businesses in the management of networks and ICT infrastructures and a trusted partner in the development of embedded solutions, achieves ISO 9001:2015 … Read More

New Cybersecurity Horizons: Gruppo SCAI at GISEC 2022 in Dubai

GISEC 2022: an innovative contribution to the Security Culture. “We are proud to be among the exhibitors at this global event” GISEC Global 2022 will take place from 21 to 23 March in Dubai. SCAI Puntoit will participate, representing Gruppo SCAI (SCAI Group) for the second time in two years. GISEC (Gulf Information Security Expo … Read More