“Be a SCAI Brand Ambassador”: A Day at LinkedIn

We visited Milan for an event dedicated to the SCAI Group’s HR team at LinkedIn’s headquarters. Be A SCAI Brand Ambassador is an event that celebrates our successful partnership with social media professionals and helps us make a positive impact on our employees’ experiences.

Last December, the SCAI Group’s HR team headed to LinkedIn’s offices in Milan. The event was attended by senior management from Corporate SCAI in partnership with LinkedIn and its Account Director, Francesco Pavesio.

The event focused on what it means to be a SCAI Brand Ambassador by analysing global data and trends, taking an in-depth look at the platform’s many possibilities, hosting a “Rock your Profile” session on the importance – especially for people working in talent acquisition and brand reputation – of making the best use of your personal profile to maximise your company’s authority, and reflecting on candidate journeys and employee experiences.

A company can grow in value by improving its brand reputation. This is made possible by asking employees from various departments to share content and messages, starting with individuals who represent the face of the company, such as HR professionals, who promote SCAI’s values and meet candidates interested in our sector. 

LinkedIn has analysed user-employer behaviour and change trends and recommends HR take a creative approach to designing a more engaging, streamlined, and effective candidate journey as a result,” states Alessandro De Salve, Talent Acquisition Lead at the SCAI Group. “Teams that shares objectives, tools, and results can draw fundamental insights from rolling updates and training workshops such as those organised by LinkedIn. The aim is to build a corporate narrative that is increasingly authentic, authoritative, and representative of business, HR, innovation, production, and stakeholder relations.” 

The SCAI Group intends to continue its collaboration with LinkedIn so that it can attribute a human face to brand communication and its online employee experience while also offering opportunities for further education, training, and professional motivation. 
Claudia PizzatoCorporate HR Director for the SCAI Group, concludes: “This has been a great opportunity for discussion and reflection, demonstrating how partnerships can help strengthen team bonds and collaboration and how open, two-way exchanges are always beneficial. We extend a special thanks to Francesco Pavesio for inviting us to the LinkedIn offices and making this day possible.”