The debates on the use of new approaches and methodologies, which can help to increase productivity within the company, but also in their daily lives, they are more and more intense.

The field of information technology is increasingly dynamic and it requires continuous adaptation of skills: new technologies require a specific preparation, organization and method. This raises the need to upgrade the skills very quickly, to meet the needs of a market on the move: the training becomes a critical component of business growth.

We often talk about Agile methodology regarding the software, the organization of the development team and the approach to be used in planning for new projects, instead it happen less frequently to talk about Agile in the enterprise, with the organization of the team and in project management.
Questioning, trying to improve methodically, enhance the strengths with guidance and expertise of experienced consultants, can direct the talents toward professional success.
A key factor is investing in training, to intrigue, in order to engage, study, read and learn. (This is true in every area of their lives and not only with reference to the workplace).
It is crucial for the promotion of young motivated with curiosity and creativity, cultivating the potential through knowledge sharing, encouraging team spirit and creating a larger group, allowing the integration of different approaches and points of view.

Gruppo SCAI over the years has constantly invested on the professional development of their talents and human resources: we identified internal teachers and learning materials, to form the best specialists on programming, frameworks, technologies and platforms, training courses, which allow to select and train future professionals in information technology, with cross-cutting projects for continued development of technical skills of each individuals, interpersonal skills and horizontal skill, in order to identify the optimal path for the improvement of the potential of professionals and to address adequately them towards the development of their skills/abilities.
In this way, Gruppo SCAI presents itself as an integrator not only systems, but also of talents.
In order to make the most of this potential, using a solid structure based on years of experience, Gruppo SCAI wants to make sure that these resources become part of a system able to take them forward, by promoting this initiative named “Geek Talents”.

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