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Digitization in Poland, guidelines 2016-2020

Dematerializzation, e-government, networking & tlc, cybersecurity, banking system: offering of SCAI Polska - Gruppo SCAI

Document Management Workshop in Warsaw

An opportunity to explore document management systems (DMS), electronic documents (e-Doc), dematerialisation of document flows

Big Data & Analytics, to transform data into information

How to deal with the very current topic of Big Data with a methodological and structured approach?
12 June 2015|Categories: focus|Tags: , , , , , , |

AIDC, RFID, NFC, smart label, Internet of Things

Internet of Things, transmission and storage of data in objects, AIDC, RFID, NFC, QR Code: the answer to every need of conveying information

Digital media | Multimedia Digitization

Digital media | Multimedia Digitization - Digitizing from audio-visual or written paper documents, cataloging, indexing and archiving.

Mobile App Multiplatform

The Mobile Division of Gruppo SCAI has developed a new platform for rapid development of cross-platform mobile app, strong and solid to offer to businesses.
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