TLC - BILLING – SNM Smart Network Monitoring

The application SNM Smart Network Monitoring (or NeMo Intelligent Network Management/Provisioning) prevents billing losses for mobile operators, which are related to both system faults of mobile traffic control and to network commands sent to appointed systems but not received.

Mobile Operators must manage intelligent networks and provisioning. Based on system architecture and logics implemented, revenue losses are possible due to inaccurate billing of traffic or to inaccurate identification of client status.

Mobile Operators therefore require a platform with a structural control of both intelligent network and the network provisioning system.

Focus On

TLC – BILLING – SNM Smart Network Monitoring

Smart Network Monitoring: Mobile Operators have recurrent application management problems and must constantly control intelligent network platforms and the network provisioning system.

Intelligent telephone networks, compared to standard telephone networks, ensure highly efficient technical performance and
personalized services. Intelligent networks must be very well managed; due to their particularly complex automatic logics of traffic distribution, it is not always simple to identify where faults occur, along the chain. Mismanagement of intelligent
network or of a prolonged fault, due to difficult identification and consequently delayed solution, may result in significant
economic losses and bad publicity for mobile operators.

Provisioning is a tool for remote configuration and administration of telephone sets and gateways. Mobile Operators must control and manage the bandwidth of their clients, based on tariff plans and traffic volumes contracted.

Target of reference

Due to its extreme functional ductility (LOG reading and analysis), this tool has diverse applications for both FIXED and MOBILE OPERATORS, to reconstruct or analyze traffic flows.


SNM Smart Network Monitoring was born with the aim to – based on algorithms for process logic analysis – single out situations which may cause economic losses due to inaccurate billing of telephone traffic or wrong client identification.

Based on log analysis (by apparatus, by network command) SNM, the Smart Network Monitoring solution, enables mobile operators to:

  • Promptly identify the apparatus impacted by management issues;
  • Reconstruct effective telephone traffic volume for accurate billing, even with missing elements;
  • Continuously monitor all phases of the network provisioning process.

SNM Smart Network Monitoring is applied in the context of Billing application management for Mobile Prepaid users and is specialized in inherent issues:

  • intelligent network management
  • provisioning process of network services.

As far as concerns intelligent network management, SNM is equipped with logics which manage large volumes of daily data (200GB and approximately 400 Million logs) and interpolate events, in order to automatically verify accurate functioning all along the chain.
For the Provisioning component, SNM Smart Network Monitoring enables automatic matching between cause and effect, by associating behavior and identifying situations where delays and/or problems have occurred, leaving an inaccurate client status record in the various databases.
The prevailing added value of SNM Smart Network Monitoring is the punctual identification of traffic events with inaccurate billing and wrong clients status. A direct immediate result is obviously the reduction of claims by the clients themselves.