TLC - BILLING – BCM – Banking Payment

The application BCM Banking Channels Monitoring (or NeMo Banking Payment) allows mobile operators to monitor banking processes.

Mobile operators, as all other European companies, have acquired monitoring systems for banking intakes and payments, in order to monitor the correct timing and scheduling of transmission to receiving banks, of payment orders related to client invoices.

Focus On

TLC – BILLING – BCM – Banking Payment

  • Scheduling of operational processes: operators need to be supported in monitoring integration flows between internal systems of companies and banks, and in running operational processes through a scheduled “calendar”, with daily planned events and feedback on the outcomes.
  • It is necessary to verify running time of banking orders to verify service quality.
  • BO operators require support in monitoring OutBound and InBound flows
  • In trouble ticket analysis, providing access to information details contained in integration flows;
  • With pre-defined reporting systems, in order to promptly respond to possible client requests (verify management of cumulative outputs from the bank).

Target on reference

BCM Banking Channels Monitoring is applicable in all situations where companies send multiple payment orders to banks. Besides mobile operators, BCM Banking Channels Monitoring is a very useful solution for all companies providing services and products to diverse clients, with the need to monitor credit processes with the bank.


BCM Banking Channels Monitoring was born with the objective of responding to these requirements. BCM is a useful support tool for operational and back office groups, allowing them to:

  • Monitor banking payments and the state of flows (transmitted, not transmitted with expected timing and number, acquisition of related problems);
  • Locate possible orders that were not transmitted or presenting error messages along the process chain;
  • Verify that the various inbound and outbound payment flows are processed correctly and on time.

Advantages of using BCM
With BCM Banking Channels Monitoring, operational groups and back offices can dispose of a user-friendly tool to trace correct processing of banking payments.

BCM Banking Channels Monitoring is used within the Billing Operations sector for both credit and banking payment components. The system focuses on those applications which receive the lists of payment orders and transmit them to the banking channels, for both fixed and mobile services.

BCM Banking Channels Monitoring supports:

  • Monitoring banking payments transmission process and the related intake;
  • Service Assurance of banking payments transmission process, defining KPI for quality measuring.

  • Dashboard: visualizes diagrams of inbound flows. Access to details of the quantities “exchanged” by the systems;
  • Diagrams: visualizes diagrams of volume progress in a given time frame;
  • Reports: Quantitative/Qualitative balance (considering possible delays induced by systems, for example: date file vs date intake vs date invoice deadline);
  • Flows: visualizes the state of integration flows, for the single systems