REALGIMM, Real Estate Management Software

Integrated Real Estate management solution for companies: property, facility, energy, asset management

ICT contributes to Real Estate Management, by providing the information needed to support operations. Improved systems for management of the information, they become indispensable in the management decisions by providing metrics to measure effectiveness and efficiency, setting objectives and increasing competitiveness.

REALGIMM is an information system for the complete management of Real Estate area, which enables integration in a single solution of asset management, registry, document management and interventions, improving process efficiency. The benefits are immediate: with assets of at least a dozen Real Estate units, the initial investment can return in few months. REALGIMM is available under standard license or as Software as a Service in cloud, paying a license fee.

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Real Estate Management | REALGIMM

For companies it is not easy to calculate exactly how much is the cost or each Real estate unit owned or leased: it is necessary to organize data for proper cost and revenues calculation (income statement for property unit).
A more efficient organization with a rich and reliable information assets for Real Estate, allow better planning of maintenance activities and easy government process with control of time and costs of each supplier.
Regulations of property taxation (In Italy: IMU, TASI, TOSAP …) are constantly evolving. To meet deadlines and easily calculate the amounts owed, it is necessary to have a constantly updated solution, that gives the maximum guarantee of reliability.


REALGIMM is a software solution for Real Estate Management, useful for companies that need to manage Real Estate units, owned or leased, with an efficient, constantly updated, for abandoning “do it yourself” solutions, difficult to maintain.


REALGIMM, the modular platform for Real Estate Management, allows to better manage Real Estate assets. The offered modules, integrated with existing applications, can monitor with a single tool, all major processes: administrative and fiscal, budget and management control, facility, engineering, energy, asset and space management. The offer is associated with high value services: assessment and specialized Real Estate advisory, IT Consulting, customization, system integration, change management, data migration, help desk and training.

The Property Management module lets REALGIMM to perform a careful management of data relating to Real Estate, with an accurate recording of the leases and lending operations and a proper Real Estate assets management.
The Facility Management module of REALGIMM, allows to manage all operations related to maintenance, service providers, contracts and plant management for each unit.
The Energy Management Module of REALGIMM, allows to manage the data related to energy consumption (electricity, gas, district heating, gas, water, service charges, etc.) with the creation of a historical archive and the calculation of consumption monthly, quarterly, annually, etc.. allowing the analysis of data related to the users of the property for saving energy costs.
The Asset & Space Management module of REALGIMM, allows interactive consultation of graphic and alphanumeric information assets, the location of individual geo-related Real Estate units, management and interactive visualization mode with WEB-GIS information, data and plans and the possibility of creating synthesis boards and selective reporting.
The Engineering module of REALGIMM, allows the management of construction sites. Configuration renovations of properties (contractors, roles, tasks and work involved, deadlines etc.), order management for professionals and suppliers, diary site, contracts, letters of appointment, framework agreements.
The Document, Asset & Space Management modules of REALGIMM allow enhancement of digital documentary heritage of Real Estate assets: pictures, floor plans, deeds, contracts etc. , with digital files of the building. Customizable, with GIS navigation capabilities and the interactive graphic for alphanumeric data.

ABOUT Real Estate Management | REALGIMM

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IMU, TASI, TARI, Local Tax: the benefits of a property management software

10 June 2015

Gruppo SCAI offers companies integrated software solutions for property management to comply with its tax obligations and all other necessities
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Real Estate Management Software

4 December 2014

REALGIMM, Real Estate Management Software integrated and modular solution, allows to manage all phases of the Real Estate processes with efficiency.


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