Solution that supports the operations of company reception desks and allows the registration of participants in fairs and events

Companies that receive guests at company headquarters, or visitors during fairs, have the need to record data and trace entry and exit, and associated activities.

For companies it is necessary to register the names of visitors, times of entry and exit, people contacted, reasons for visits etc. for managing any associated activities (recall, sending e-mails, text messages, schedule appointments, etc.).

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For practical reasons it is often preferable to manage the operations of registration of guests at the stands or at the reception of the company, directly on the tablet or smartphone, without using paper, tracing all stages of the process and keeping all the information in digital format.
The operators, who register and take care of the receiving, they have to upload or retrieve data about visitors from the DB, have to manage and record entries and exits, reasons of the visits, people met and plan possible next steps (recall, sending materials etc.) .


Welcome App, Reception Management & Stand is a Mobile App useful to all companies participating in events or fairs, with their own stand or that want to manage the reception and visitors flow with a mobile App.


Welcome App, Reception Management & Stand is a cross-platform solution, full mobile, ideal for companies that need to keep track and manage visitors flows at fairs and guests reception at the company. Gruppo SCAI offers customization services, maintenance, help desk and integration.
Links to other systems: Welcome App interfaces with the tools and company DB for an integrated management of business data and registries.

With Welcome App, Reception Management & Stand, operators who register and receiving guests, can follow the instructions of the program and enter the data directly on mobile devices (or notebook / PC business). That way visitor data are recorded in the DB and it is possible to manage inputs and outputs, for planning possible next steps.
With Welcome App, Reception Management & Stand, the flow of data is totally dematerialized – full paperless. Tracing is digital, and can include images of business cards (scanned) and pictures. It is possible also to manage the graphometric signature to guarantee and certify the identity of the visitor.
Visitor Management: Welcome App, Reception Management & Stand has functions for enterprise DB searching, insertion, modification, deletion, validation, tracking and history, creating commitments. Activity Manager: each visitor can be associated with commitments (provision of things to do, such as sending mail, sms etc.) also in an automatic way.
Uploading and managing of data: data can be retrieved from the registries or uploaded from mobile devices or PC, and they are managed centrally, through enterprise systems.
Through customizable Web services it is possible to connect Welcome App Reception Management & Stand at any ERP or management information system or help desk in use in the company.
With Welcome App, Reception Management & Stand, also works in standalone mode. It is therefore possible use it (for functions that do not require connection such as tracing the path) in off line mode, to proceed afterwards to a synchronization with ERP or central system with a simple Click.

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