App&GoIn, mobile App multi-platform, meets the needs of the management of interventions in mobility.

Companies that perform on-site, on call or scheduled, need to manage people, resources and materials that come from the corporate headquarters, and should reach customers on site to operate with maximum efficiency.

For practical reasons and cost savings, it is preferable to perform these operations on the move directly on a tablet or smartphone, without using paper, tracing all the stages of the process and archiving the information and data directly in digital format, in a full paperless mode.

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Operators who make interventions have the need for instructions and information to help them reach the places where they must work, to properly perform interventions with all required and necessary tasks, to obtain the signature of the customer’s approval for the closure of ticket and upload on the device all data of the intervention for the next phase of administrative management.
Companies operating on-site at the customer, need advanced systems that allow them to manage operations in the territory and of different types, keep track of the activities, of actions taken, with documents of the authorization processes for validation and control.
The function of graphometric signature on tablets, is very useful for the guarantee of the authenticity of the identity of the signatory (Check of the customer, or the team leader or else of the person in charge of the operation).


The mobile application App&GoIn is useful for all companies that perform on-site interventions and that want to equip their operators with tablets to manage the process, to trace the operational phases, loading the data in digital format, in a paperless way, increasing effectiveness and efficiency and saving time and costs.


App&GoIn is a full mobile, multi-platform App that meets the needs of operators who carry out interventions in mobility. Simple, easy and quick to use, it’s designed to offer maximum user experience even on a small display. It allows tracking all the phases of the interventions and to load the data and information necessary for the following steps.

The mobile application App&GoIn offers the possibility of receiving instructions to reach the town for the intervention directly on the tablet, the list of operations necessary and required to perform, and it allows the check of the customer’s approval, for closing the ticket. Data is uploaded directly to the device and transmitted in real time via the web.
App&GoIn also works in stand-alone mode. It’s therefore possible to use App&GoIn (for functions that do not require connection such as the path tracing) in off-line mode, and then proceed to the synchronization with the ERP or the central system with a simple click.
App&GoIn also offers the AdES feature (Advanced Electronic signature) directly on tablets and smartphones, to authenticate the identity of the signature.

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