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The AdES solutions of Advanced Electronic Signature based on graphometric technologies allow full dematerialization of many business processes, ensuring legal value to digital documents signed directly on the tablets or smartphones, and allow businesses to increase in efficiency with significant cost savings of document management.

The AdES, in its declination of graphometric the signature, allows to verify the identity of the signatory of the documents thanks to the detection and recognition of the unique characteristics of the signature. To enable the digitization process, companies need to acquire hardware and software solutions that allows to capture and store, in compliance with the safety requirements established by the legal regulations, the biometric signature parameters (such as location, speed, acceleration, pressure, stroke plane, inclination), which are crucial graphometric identifiers of authenticity.

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The necessity to sign documents has always been a major cause of failure of procedures for the complete dematerialization.

The challenge is to combine the legal validity of the signature, for its simplicity and immediacy, regardless of devices with prior approval procedures, to always carry to sign, makes the advanced graphometric signature, based tablets or smartphones, the most appropriate instrument to overcome these problems.

The graphometric signature on tablets and smartphones is one of the most used solutions for the complete digitalization End-to-End in order to make full paperless processes with complete elimination of the physical archive and operating costs saving.

The DPCM of 22nd February 2013 establishes technical rules to ensure that this solution has legal validity as Advanced Electronic Signature.

The “Advanced Electronic Signature” is an electronic signature that meets the following requirements:

  • uniquely linked to the signatory;
  • capable of identifying the signatory;
  • created with means that the signatory can maintain under his sole control;
  • linked to the data to which it relates in order to enable the identification of any subsequent change of the data.
La FEA deve essere collegata ai dati IN MODO DA CONSENTIRE L’IDENTIFICAZIONE DI OGNI SUCCESSIVA MODIFICA DI DETTI DATI. A tale scopo vengono utilizzati idonei algoritmi crittografici per il calcolo delle impronte documentali e della firma. Gli standard europei sono il CAdES, il PAdES e lo XAdES. La firma elettronica avanzata richiede la definizione:

  • degli algoritmi crittografici da usare per le impronte documentali ai fini della determinazione dell’integrità del documento;
  • degli algoritmi crittografici da usare per legare la sottoscrizione al documento;
  • della struttura e del formato dei dati da utilizzare per l’aggregazione delle varie componenti al fine di dare evidenza di ciò che si è firmato.

Nel caso della sottoscrizione biometrica questo tipo di crittografia si affianca alla biometria stessa per la protezione dei dati riguardanti la sottoscrizione del titolare.

The probative value of AdES is established in paragraph 2, article 21 of the Decree. 7th March 2005 n. 82, as amended (Digital Administration Code – CAD). “Electronic documents signed with Advanced Electronic Signature, qualified or digital format in compliance with the technical requirements, laid down in Article 20, paragraph 3, that guarantee the identifiability of the author, the integrity and the immutability of the document, it has the effect under the Article 2702 of the Civil Code.”

Graphometric signature solutions built in compliance with the Technical Regulations (DPCM February 22nd, 2013) assume that effectiveness.


The graphometric signature on mobile devices and other solutions for Advanced Electronic Signature, are useful for companies in all sectors to enable the complete dematerialization of processes that involve the signing of documents, enabling significant cost savings and increasing efficiency.

Mostly used in the banking and insurance sectors, the AdES continues to conquer new markets, thanks to regulations regarding the dematerialization, as the obligation of invoicing to the Public Administration and it may be a successful technological element in all the sectors with considerable savings.


Gruppo SCAI, the first one to introduce the digital signature in Italy, has strong expertise on technological and regulatory-legal aspects over the different systems of electronic signatures and encryption. e-Sign, the AdES proposal Advanced Electronic Signature based on graphometric technology by Gruppo SCAI, includes the best software solutions for signing on tablets and smartphones, plus assessment services, consulting, implementation and integration in enterprise information systems.

Gruppo SCAI helps companies and institutions to focus on innovative solutions for AdES – graphometric signature and digitization, to manage and simplify business processes End-to-End, with the goal of a strong cost reduction and the achievement of maximum efficiency.
The proposed solutions allow easy integration into enterprise information systems, providing a wide range of technological proposals such as smart cards, USB tokens, software certificates, graphometric solutions. The implementation of electronic signature capabilities, in order to give effect to a complete process of the dematerialization process, in this way it is highly simplified.
Gruppo SCAI offers full integration with document management systems for handling digital documents, created and which have to remain digital throughout their entire life cycle. The competences of Gruppo SCAI cover all critical aspects of the management of the dematerialization process, including the digital subscription phase:

  • Appropriate choice of signature technology
  • Choice of the cryptographic algorithms
  • Evaluation of compliance with regulations
  • Production of the documentation required by law
  • Evaluation of privacy related matters

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AdES – Advanced Electronic Signature

4 May 2015

The graphometric signature on tablet and smartphone eliminates the physical storage and is among the most widely used solutions for Advanced Electronic Signature.


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