Solutions and services for a more efficient company document management system

Efficient document management solutions enable companies to have significant advantages: improvement of processes, integration between functions, saving both time and costs. The information is managed in an organized way and becomes easily accessible.

An efficient document management system allows quick access to data and information for the development of the business. The dematerialization of processes and document flows enable companies considerable savings with reduction of direct and indirect costs related to the management of paper documents.

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Thanks to software solutions for document management, there will be no more the need for paper documents to physically pass from desk to desk for approval, with speeding up of the process and saving paper and consumables.
The information is managed in an organized way and become easily accessible.
Managers can check the progress of the document workflow, controlling the workloads and it’s possible to monitor at any time, the status of the document.


Companies in every industry, can have considerable advantages with an optimal management of the document flows that allows the possibility of sharing, and with an organized management of the information thanks to specific solutions and classification procedures, storage and distribution of information.


Gruppo SCAI with e-Doc, offers companies a very efficient document management solution that allows to store and share digital documents optimally, with streamlined processes and with lower operating costs. Collaboration and information are shared and easily available.
Gruppo SCAI offers companies a complete service for the improvement of document management processes.

  • Unified Methodology for the entire company and quality;
  • Processes Management, Approval and Monitoring of the flow of information;
  • Full control of all phases of flow;
  • Automatic Archiving of all documents produced or received by the company;
  • Savings in time and management costs;
  • Verification of authenticity (electronic signature);
  • Cost reduction.

Classification, storage and sharing of information for quick access to data. Search functions to multiple keys and related documents.
A complete and effective research system: with the relational technology the licensed user may select a set of documents with multiple filters. it is possible to realize research on all fields of the document profile or the data.
Unique methodology for the entire company and policy enforcement. Control of all stages of document workflow and collaboration between functional areas of the company. It improves the business productivity, the flow of information, it is defined, deadlines are established.
The company processes are easy to check and the information is easy to be organized automatically according to rules, avoiding duplication.
Authorizations, tracking access, electronic and graphometric signature, functions of replacement storage with legal validity.

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  • Document Management Workshop a Varsavia, 7 0ttobre 2015 - Gruppo SCAI - SCAI Polska - e-Doc-750x500w

Document Management Workshop in Warsaw

9 October 2015

An opportunity to explore document management systems (DMS), electronic documents (e-Doc), dematerialisation of document flows
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AdES – Advanced Electronic Signature

4 May 2015

The graphometric signature on tablet and smartphone eliminates the physical storage and is among the most widely used solutions for Advanced Electronic Signature.