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Companies have the necessity to adopt agile and efficient business process management tools to plan and manage business process.

It can be useful for example to configure assigning operations to managers and working groups, and then sharing information on the progress of processes between the managers and the operating direction.

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Companies need application solutions that help managers to organize operationally the activities of working groups that perform interventions: assign tasks to different professionals with specific roles and functions and define types and timing of intervention.
Monitoring the work progress, report and share information between operational managers and company management.


Plan & Share is a solution for business process management, useful for companies that need to plan operations and share data and information between different actors. It offers a wide range of application. It can be integrated in the mobile Apps, as App&GoIn, if intervention teams are equipped with tablet, to distribute instructions directly and collect and centralize the collected data.


Intervention Plan & Share is a server-side application for planning and sharing.
IPS allows the user to schedule, according to operational requirements as staff, materials and needed tools for different interventions, to distribute to different mobile devices the work plans. The service provided by Gruppo SCAI includes assessment, customization, system integration, change management, service and training.

Intervention Plan & Share is the application solution made from Gruppo SCAI, to meet the needs of operational management. The App was created to manage the teams involved in the area for maintenance. This solution can also be used for other needs of business process management that require planning of activities and sharing data and information.
Intervention Plan & Share collects data and information relating to activities carried out for reporting and allows real-time monitoring of the phases of intervention of each operator or team, if the devices are connected to the network.
Gruppo SCAI offers companies its technology and expertise in Business Process Management.
Plan & Share allows to plan operations and to share data and information.
It also can be integrated with other solutions and Apps, such as App&GoIn.

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