MDS+ it is a software platform for the compression of data archives and for indexed search of information

The management of large volumes of data, involves sometimes critical issues for the cost of disk space and because of the slowness in finding files.

The amount of data that companies generate, is growing every day, and this amount of data have to be stored and managed. It is also necessary to transform these data into information quickly.

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The issues in managing large volumes of data for significant periods of time (up to 10 years), are particularly felt in the area of banking, public administration and in all those areas in which the data files are very large, perhaps originated from mergers / incorporations.
Data have to be stored for years (eg. 10 years of anti-money laundering archive in the banking sector, telephone traffic data for TLC) for any possible request by the judiciary (eg. The movements of current account records or telephone traffic).
Another application is the storage of log files for tracing problems of business security, where there may be various needs for maintenance and storage of data over time.
Several organizations have the need to reduce the volumes of archives (and therefore the cost of data storage) and searching for information on data (historical and online) in a short time.


MDS + is a software solution very useful for companies that have to manage large volumes of historical data with speed and safety, reducing costs related to the archives thanks to effective compression (up to 90%).


MDS + is a successful combination between a powerful search technology and tools for indexing and for the compression of large volumes of data (historical or online), with special attention to quality and user experience. It provides power and scalability with outstanding performance in the index search of files, depending on the size of the archives (reduced by at least 90%).

MDS + is a complete combination of high compression technology non-destructive, for large volumes of data (guaranteed up to 90%), with indexing tools and research management.
MDS + provides high-speed and advanced search capabilities of information in compressed archives, thanks to indexing. The response to online searches, takes place in real time, according to volumes of stored data, on the historical archives in a very short time.
MDS + handles historical data and online, through procedures and filters for historicizing scheduled on the data, selected according to specified criteria. The arrangements for import and data history, can be customized according to specific needs. The data are managed online with open source DBMS, according to market standards (SQL, ODBC, etc.). The data history is instantly accessible and flexible.
MDS + can manage and compress data files in various formats. MDS + can interact with other applications for full system integration.

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Data Management, Storage & Retrieval

25 November 2014

The amount of data generated by enterprises is growing exponentially, and companies are dealing with the problem of converting these resources into information.