Multiplatform software for data compression/decompression. High efficiency, nondestructive algorithm.

Companies need to manage large amounts of data that have to be stored over time to keep all their valuable important information. Archived files are stored on different operating systems, in open server environments, mainframe or departmental storage systems.

For corporate reorganizations, system upgrade, or any activity that requires safety migration or retention of data, it may be necessary to intervene on archives containing data files, to compress and optionally encrypt them.

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To compress data files, it is necessary having solutions for compression/decompression, which use mathematical algorithms to reduce the volume of the files.
In the transferring files stages between different enterprise platforms with heterogeneous operating systems, it is necessary having application solutions that can handle, in a transparent manner, data transformations to transfer files.
During storage and transfer of data stages, it may be necessary to prevent that data could be visible. To achieve this result there are standard encryption algorithms, such as DES, 3DES in their most widespread variants.


CODEC is the right solution for all companies (of any size and sector), that have the need to store, in an efficient and secure way their data, which can be recovered quickly, without worrying about the platform of origin. CODEC is particularly suitable for archives, backup, disaster recovery, fast transfers of large amounts of data.


Codec is a software package implemented by Gruppo SCAI for compression / decompression of data archives, non-destructive high efficiency, also used for data transfer between different operating systems and encryption of data. CODEC enables a transparent management of the Alphabet transformations and of the file system, offering also data encryption. CODEC has more than one hundred installations throughout Italy and abroad in two versions CODEC64, which operates on files, and CODECX2, which acts on the memory buffer.

But the real added value of Gruppo SCAI are the consulting services for security and data management: our technicians, who continually follow market developments and regulations, can help companies to identify the best solutions for archiving compression, data transfer between platforms or data encryption, according to the different needs.

  • CODEC offers compression ratios up to 1:20;
  • It optimizes data in an already consolidated information system;
  • It enables the space-optimization on discs;
  • It increases security of remote back-up;
  • It associated a password during the compression phase for high security;
  • It offers the visualization of data on the compressed file (byte size before and after processing, time of operation, percentage of compression).

CODEC 64 is characterized by the implementation of a 64-bit mathematics, which allows the compression / decompression of files with considerable size (limited only by the capacity of the file system, up to a maximum of 4 million Terabytes), ensuring efficiency and reduction of the processing time required.
CODEC 64 offers the possibility to transfer data across different platforms, allowing to make data compression on an operating system and decompression on another system. CODEC virtualizes the compressed data, facilitating in different environments. This is definitely a very useful value-added service for companies for data transfer from historical operating systems, such as mainframes or other, in the upgrade projects.
Unlike CODEC 64 that operates on files, CODEC X2 operates on the buffer, data streams, records and accepts specific parameters indicating what operations are available and how they should be performed.

Codec X 2:
It is able to handle vectors in the input and return the result of elaborations performed on vectors output

It is able to encrypt / decrypt using the DEA / DES-ECB algorithm (Data Encryption Algorithm / Electronic Data Encryption Standard-Cipher Block, Fips 46-3)

It returns a code corresponding to the final result of the activities

CODEC X 2 is suitable for the following applications compression / encryption:
management of data streams in real time, over the network;
processing of one or more records in a database;
storing of one or more files on tape.

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