Technical solution for blocking website throungh IP/DNS filter

Laws, decrees or judicial regulations may require service providers an obligation to prevent access to identified websites. Administrators of corporate IP networks may also have the need to block traffic to certain Web sites from the corporate network.

One of the first measures in Italy was the “Decreto Gentiloni” – DM 08/01/2007 – for the darkening of child pornography web-sites. Recently Italian Magistrates, has also ordered the seizure of some web sites with the anti-terrorism decree for the darkening of jihadist websites linked to ISIS.

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Cybersecurity | Website Blacklisting

ISPs should be ready to comply quickly to requests from public authorities and prevent access to websites which violate copyright rights or Law regarding pedophile, defamation, incitement to violence, etc.
Administrators of corporate IP networks have the need to prevent access to web sites to follow company policies, such as security or to deny access to social networks. They can also obtain automatically generated blacklist of suspicious or dangerous web sites, and block them.


Gruppo SCAI always pay attention to the security of networks, systems and apparatus of the business companies, for this reason we have created a tool, Web Site Blacklisting, intended for service providers that need to comply with government mandates or with judicial authorities, but also helpful for administrators of corporate IP networks to prevent access to websites according to business policies.


Web Site Blacklisting is a software technical solution for the immediate darkening of websites with IP and DNS filter, with contained setup and ownership costs. Created for service providers, it can be useful for administrators of corporate networks.

It enables immediate blocking of the sites included in the Blacklist using mixed technology, DNS and IP Based, through the publication of a certificate file with DNS and IP of the sites to make inaccessible.
Scalable and non-intrusive on existing realities, it enables remote support without the need for VPN preconfigured or privileged access
No impact on caching solutions / URL filtering already implemented.
It does not require network reconfiguration.

About Cybersecurity | Website Blacklisting

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