Network Monitoring: soluzione di monitoraggio di reti IP e nodi e di controllo di servizi web

The modern society of digital communication is based on information technology and telecommunications systems. It is necessary that the network infrastructure is reliable and monitored to better serve the integration of databases, services and ICT solutions. Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring allows you to monitor the performance of IP networks to ensure optimal connectivity.

It is necessary that the network infrastructure is reliable, whatever the application, the database, the services or ICT solutions, and it is important that the network infrastructure is constantly monitored and appropriately sized.

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Cybersecurity | Network Monitoring | Ne.Mo.

Continuous monitoring of corporate networks and related equipment, provides an effective connectivity that allows you to quickly identify abnormal situations, malfunctions or potential security risks, for which it is also necessary easy access to information and having alert systems with proper reporting.
It is important to create hierarchical and logical maps, with the topology of the networks (layer2 or layer 3) and network nodes, services, connections and all the information necessary to facilitate the administration and a proper operation management and maintenance.
Companies also need to monitor the speed, the performances, availability and the safety of web services for early detection of any critical points through predictive analysis, continuous monitoring, SLA verification.

Target a complete tool for monitoring IP networks and web services, which is essential to ensure connectivity, security, continuity and the efficiency of IP networks. It is used by major operators in the telecommunications sector, data center and all the companies with attention to the continuity of the services offered by the corporate networks.

Abstract a complete tool for monitoring the performance of the network that allows constant monitoring of IP networks, nodes, and web services.
Developed by network providers, Ne.Mo.® is a simple tool, but extremely powerful and flexible, excellent for the concrete everyday needs of IP networks management. It allows to have a constantly updated vision of the equipment monitored.

Through a simple and intuitive web interface, Ne.Mo.® IP Network Monitoring Tool, allows to check all measures relating to network equipment including: interface traffic, CPU loading, disk space usage, memory usage, etc.. In multi-thread with high performance, it can continuously polls devices with SNMP requests or script
With Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring you can create hierarchical and logical maps in which it is possible to include the network topology (layer2 or layer 3) any other information generated by data structure for an efficient access to the information without any loss of detail, with fidelity to historical fact (without sub-sampling or circular fills).
Information is available in graphical form, via web browser from a PC, tablet, smartphone, with customized views on the desired elements
An integrated alarm management system, combined with syslog and traplog functionality, allows to identify in advance the phenomena (trends) that could lead to faults and anomalies of IP networks, network equipment and web services, ensuring high performance in the entire ICT infrastructure of the company

About Cybersecurity | Network Monitoring | Ne.Mo.

  • Gruppo SCAI - SCAI Connect - Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring Tool new release 20160421 750x500-

Network Monitoring – Ne.Mo., new release

21 April 2016

Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring carries out the monitoring of the performance of any IP network. New release! We are proud to announce the first free version!
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Digitization in Poland, guidelines 2016-2020

23 February 2016

Dematerializzation, e-government, networking & tlc, cybersecurity, banking system: offering of SCAI Polska - Gruppo SCAI
  • Cyber Security Workshop in Warsaw Gruppo SCAI - SCAI Polska 29 october 2015 -20151029-750x500-3w

Cyber Security Workshop in Warsaw

9 November 2015

SCAI Polska at a Cyber Security Workshop in Warsaw about data security, electronic payments, online communication.
  • Il software di monitoraggio delle reti IP NeMo è utilizzato dai maggiori operatori delle telecomunicazioni, datacenter e da realtà attente alla connettività

Telecom Italy Sparkle has chosen SCAI Connect for IP networks monitoring

2 April 2015

The software monitoring tool for IP networks Ne.Mo. is used by major telecommunications operators, data center and companies that pay deep attention to connectivity


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