Web application for automatic distribution of software packages and real-time hardware/software inventory

Updating and installing software packages in business companies, it is a delicate activity that has important implications for the management and security of corporate assets and for the safeguard of service continuity and therefore the business itself.

With infrastructure systems business increasingly articulated and complex, frequently hybrid, having a web application for the automatic distribution, real-time, of software packages, and for the control of hardware and software of the enterprise network, that works remotely, it is important for safety, as well as the speed of execution and control of costs, the continuity of services and ICT solutions used in company.

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Automatic remote distribution of software packages via web, can reduce operating costs, minimizing the time required to update the software within the enterprise IP networks.
The automatic control of the hardware and software resources of the LAN (Local Area Network), enables network and infrastructure administrators to constantly have full control of all business digital assets (networks, systems, applications). This allows easily to plan maintenance and renovation of hardware and software resources.
Il controllo delle risorse hardware e software aziendali permette agli amministratori di verificare costantemente i livelli di sicurezza, individuare tempestivamente software potenzialmente dannosi, virus o malware installati anche inconsapevolmente dagli utenti oppure da malintenzionati che hanno “bucato” la rete, e di provvedere con le necessarie misure di sicurezza (cybersecurity)


Network Discovery, software distribution & inventory system assets, is a useful tool for companies that need to maintain and upgrade IP networks, and require fast hardware and software, that ensure IT security.


Network Discovery, software distribution & inventory system assets, is a web tool for automatic distribution of software packages. Performs automatic control of the hardware and software in corporate LAN networks. It allows to identify, configure and monitor all nodes.

An RDBMS will keep all related information, and a web-server will allow the fruition via http / https. The information is accessible by appropriate HTML report, which can be exported in the most common formats (eg. .pdf). As an alternative, it is possible to directly access the database through an ODBC connection.
Each PC Client will automatically update new software release, to install or upgrade, by downloading from a server machine. The ability to configure multiple clients within the LAN makes it possible to quickly define the software to be distribute.
The network allows scanning to identify all clients of system software distribution and remote monitoring, in a quick and automatic way. The administrator may require hardware and software inventory for any previously configured client. It is also possible to schedule systematic hardware and software inventory sending, for always having an updated snapshot concerning the utilization of of the LAN resources.

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Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring carries out the monitoring of the performance of any IP network. New release! We are proud to announce the first free version!
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Telecom Italy Sparkle has chosen SCAI Connect for IP networks monitoring

2 April 2015

The software monitoring tool for IP networks Ne.Mo. is used by major telecommunications operators, data center and companies that pay deep attention to connectivity