Solutions to identify, measure and manage the financial business risk, and evolved finance

The Non-Financial Companies have to counter risks related to foreign exchange rates, interest rates and commodity price variations, which may involve financial problems.

Application solutions for Corporate Finance have to allow companies to perform advanced operations: group finance management, structured funding, financial risks, IAS compliance, STP (Straight Through Processing) and cash management, financial risk management and evolved treasury.

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Corporations need tools for managing its more advanced finance: group finance unit, structured funding, financial risks and hedging strategies, IAS compliance, STP and Cash Management.
Corporations require application solutions for financial risk management, to make possible a representation of the risk, the definition / evaluation of the effectiveness of hedging strategies and they need tools for the definition and compliance with the adopted risk management policies.
The evolved treasury in corporate needs application solutions for: decisional support pre-trade, accounting, financial planning, analysis of the charges.


Companies operating in foreign countries, using multiple currencies and often dealing with purchase of raw materials, require tools for effective management of financial risk and compliance. Regardless of the industrial sector, the size and management policy adopted, Non-Financial Companies require application solutions that only a highly specialized supplier in corporate financial risk management can offer.


The Dianos Dealer Wizard suite offers a full range of expertise and tools designed to enable the NFC companies (Non-Financial Company) of any dimension, to full manage financial market risk: our experience is at your disposal.
Gruppo SCAI is a strategic partner for corporations that are looking for tools and consulting services for setting up, developing or restructuring the financial risk management and treasury management.

The management of foreign exchange risk, interest rates and commodity together with the implementation of IAS, represent a complex issue that involves a significant development both in finance and in the accounting areas.
The risk-management area will be directed to the use of financial instruments simple, or it can take the opportunities offered by more complex strategies and methodologies for hedge accounting. The Management and the Board always require new skills and appropriate tools.
Dianos Dealer Wizard is the platform that meet the needs of Corporations and Holding Companies in the corporate financial risk management area – representation of probable losses on foreign exchange risk, interest rates and commodity – with criteria of management and control consistent with applicable regulations (IAS, IFRS, ITA-GAAP, L. 231/01), management of financial assets, decisional support for trading, administrative management of the accounting area.

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  • Corporate Financial Risk Management: la suite Dianos Dealer Wizard di SCAI Capital, Gruppo SCAI

Corporate Financial Risk Management

2 December 2014

Dianos Dealer Wizard allows corporate to manage in a complete, automated and flexible way, all financial instruments, including the most complex, with instruments of Deal Management, Risk Analysis and Management of covers, offering useful tools for decision support


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