Management of commercial credit, cash management and customer intimacy

The efficient management of working capital (or circulating capital) is a crucial activity for the companies that pursue carefully the financial balance and the preservation of liquidity.

Companies need ICT tools to effectively manage commercial credit and to preserve relationships with business customers.

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Companies need application solutions to improve the management of commercial credit, working capital and cash management, speeding up collections and without compromising customer relationships.
Especially in companies operating in the B2B segment, with large volumes of invoices and with relatively low margins, the speeding up of the credit collections is vital just as the relationship with the customer.
Proper customer intimacy, through policies of flexible and personalized credit management, quickly leads to tangible financial results, improving the relationships with customers.


In managing process for commercial credit in B2B, there is a widespread fragility of ICT support tools for the active cycle, both with the ‘one fits all’ approach (single supplier), as with the ‘best of breed’ approach.


OnGuard, Credit & Cash Management, thanks to an automated approach, but highly customizable, this solutions meet the needs of credit management for companies operating in B2B.

Recent research has shown that the majority of companies in continental Europe, have significantly reduced working capital through successful operational practices, and the diffusion of information technology tools of new generation, such as OnGuard.
OnGuard can implement the business credit policy and manage, in a structured and organic way, commercial credit, while preserving the “customer intimacy” with a personalized and structured approach.
Through the use of OnGuard as a tool for credit & cash management, it is possible to improve the relationship between sales, customer care, treasury and finance, facilitating the flow and exchange of operational information.

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